First Time: What's the cheapest Sedan/Payment and or bang for buck?

Hi, like the title says I am going to try to lease my first vehicle this summer and I’m looking at which deals are currently the best. I currently have 2 vehicles and would like to lease one low-payment vehicle to drive to work mostly and keep my one of my other vehicles permanently.

I see most of these special pricing deals involve some sort of conquest incentive, which I obviously do not qualify for since I don’t have a current competitive lease.

So, what is the best real world payment someone like me can achieve with 15k miles/yr? I’m interested in all the basic compact/mid-size sedans and I’m not opposed to other body types as long as the price is right. The lower the payment and higher the MPG the better, this vehicle is purely for utilitarian use.

Credit scores and finances are all top notch 800+.

If region matters, I’m in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania locale.

Incentives will change by summer time, so there’s no way to know what will lease well then.

The best deal will be on a vehicle for which there is lots of inventory and with new models coming in by the truckload on the lot. Looks like Hyundai accent, elantra and camry will be in that Category, so you can start doing your test drives now to decide which one you hate the least :slight_smile:

I know you said sedan, but I think you should give the new Kia Niro a good look. Kia/Hyundai Products are really good quality and the warranty is amazing, even though its a lease. The offer on their website is $236/mo with 1,999 down and 12k miles per year.

No to mention the car get 50mpg in the city and looks normal, unlike the Prius. Also, it’s a crossover, so it is very practical.

You Can Check It Out Here:

Sentra, Corolla, Jetta come to mind. Will depend on what the programs look like then.

Even w/o the conquest rebate, seems like the much-talked-about Chevy’s can be leased for between $3795 - $4700 for a one-pay 2-year lease so sub $200/month equivalent.