First Time Leasing

First time leaser here…been thinking about getting into the lease market for about 15 months now but I think the time is right. Currently have an Audi A6 so would have Audi loyalty but I’m wondering what would be the best bang for the buck of the following sedans:

Audi A4
MB E class
BWM 5 series

Need AWD and 36mths/15k. Something else that would actually a much larger “bang for the buck”?

Thank you

Bang for the buck might be the Audi A4 since it is the cheapest car out of the 3 cars you listed. I mean you can find Demo E300 and might get a good payment on one. It would be really hard to find a E300 4matic because they dont many that many of them.

well since you have an Audi you qualify for loyalty