First Time Leasing - BMW 3 Series

Hello LH forums,

I’ve been browsing around the site for a few hours now and looking at other members scenarios and whatnot and for me…

I’ve financed and rolled over negative equity for years now, finally ended that and am back at zero and am looking into leasing a BMW 2018 (or 2019) 330i. I’m in San Diego, CA.

I guess my question is, do a majority of members use a broker or at least go do all the legwork and find the model/car you want and then come back with the numbers?

I’d like to try and do this correctly for once lol no more horrible deals.

Thanks everyone and again, glad to be a new member.

Edit: Please feel free to wad up a sheet of paper and throw it at me if I just contributed to another “Schmuck who needs help with a lease” post in this thread.

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If you’d like some help I’m a broker in LA and would be glad to assist. You can text me at (424) 278-8216

I already gave that award to @whalesvagina619

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I found brokers were not responsive - completely useless even though I would have been happy to pay a fee. Obviously your experience may be different but just my 2 cents. And most are unwilling to reach out if you post looking for one. That tells you something too.

Honestly, I’ve received pretty competitive numbers without a broker… just by doing my own calculations and asking different dealers in the area. I’m also in San Diego and would recommend to ask for a lease quote from BMW of Escondido, as they gave me a somewhat reasonable quote on a 330i lease earlier this year.

A new user named @anus_reus is up for the running too

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