First time leasing a bmw x3

This os my firt time leasing a bmw and wanted to ask for some advice. On my previous leases, i never took any of the maintenance plans offered by the dealer. I heard scheduled maintenance for bmw is really expensive and wanted to know if it would be best to do it.
The vehicle is a loaner right under 5k miles, i would be leasing for 36 months / 12k year. Do you think the existing miles would be a problem when turning the car in adding excess wear and tear to the tires as an example? Sorry if these are basic questions, but i would like some feedback from the experts.

Is this a 2016 or 2017?

If it is a 2016, maintenance is included to 4years/50k miles including brakes and wiper blades

If it is a 2017, maintenance is included to 3years/36k miles EXCLUDING brakes and wiper blades.

Adding brakes and wiper blades to 3 years/36k miles is an additional $6xx + Tax

Extending the service to 4 years/50K miles will be an additional $1,xxx tax.

If you are leasing a loaner with 5k miles, you will most probably be out of maintenance for about 5k miles since you will end up accumulating to 41k miles. Also you need to factor in the number of months you will be out of maintenance since in-service date will be the date this car was registered as a loaner.

BMWs usually need maintenance every 10k miles so if you are luckily, you may not need uncovered maintenance before turning in your lease.

Only maintenance it’ll need is oil. Brakes might due by the time you turn it in depending on how you drive.

Its a 2017. I think i might take the risk without the plan then. I was thinking about tire rotation, air filters and etc, but it seems its covered from what you guys are saying, so that is awesome.