First-time leaser - Mercedes E class

What model of E class has the highest residual for the Miami, FL area currently? Is there a way to find this out? I am also entitled to an FEP discount. It does not matter to me whether it’s gas or diesel. Just want the best deal possible. And any idea on the MF currently? Thanks I have searched, but the info is mostly for December or older.

I leased a 2017 E300 (RWD) in December and base MF was .00139 (.00129 after autopay discount, and .00059 after autopay and maximum (10) multiple security deposits), residual at 12k miles/year was 61%. Double check the forums, but I believe these numbers stayed the same for January.

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How much off MSRP before rebates? Congrats on the new Benz :thumbsup:

I got the same deal as Jason. Im in Tampa. MSRP for mine was $63k Premium Package 2. I would hit up internet manager first as they are able to deal with FEP. Are you looking at MB of Coral Gables?

Factoring in that dealer paid doc fee and registration, total discount was 15%. No rebates available. $585/month on MSRP of $63,765, with only MSDs and 1st Month’s Payment due at signing.

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FEP has nothing to do with the dealer. It comes straight from MB, so you negotiate your best price and then deduct the FEP incentive from that. It literally comes on a piece of paper that you present to the dealer (at least as of 2014 MBFS was still using dead trees as proof of the customer’s FEP eligibility).

If there’s a dealer who cannot process such a simple, straightforward and longstanding MBFS rebate, you need to find another dealer.