First time leaser-2019 Honda CRV EX


S the wrong car to lease if you want a deal. CRV leases suck. Look at the Equinox or Cherokee.


How many dealers are you working with? when I search leases I call at least 12+ places and get numbers.


So far only one. There’s only three dealers in my area but I suppose I can call around and broaden my search. Thanks to everyone who has responded so far. I’m new to all this, but so far I’m finding out that finding a 2019 CRV EX lease for less than $325 will be tough, unless they offer incentives in the near future. I’ve read on Edmunds that the 2018 CRVs had a lease incentive of $1,500 cash bonus that ended in February, and I’ve found a few of them left in the dealers nearby, so I’m gonna see if any of them are willing to include that cash bonus.


You have to expand…1 dealership is not good enough as you can see they are really ripping you off. I usually call a list of dealerships and have them run quotes over the phone …they will ask you to come in but I refuse until I get one dealership playing vs the other few. I even called 2 different states to get dealerships to run numbers. If you have time to wait it out, 2-3 months do so and take your time. Paying more than $300 for a CR-V EX is ludacris. With the right timing and incentives it could be had for less than $285!


Thanks for your reply. Yeah I might just have to be patient. It really doesn’t seem like CRVs are leasing well right now. No incentives in March. And dealers in my area so far aren’t discounting enough. And per Edmunds website the MF is .002400 right now. I’ve really looked at similar mid sized SUVs and had my heart set on the CRV after test driving it.


Hi, I read the above thread, and got some good tips, but am looking for more specific info. I want to lease a 2019 base model Honda CRV LX AWD. I’m turning in a lease on a Honda Fit, and because of scratches on the car, which the loyalty credit will cover if I lease again with Honda, I want to stick with Honda (vs leasing Jeep, Ford, etc.) Can someone let me know what the Residual, Money Factor, and lease or loyalty credits for this car? I want to lease for 36 months, 12K miles. I live in zip 10960. Thanks!!


I’d recommend googling “Honda CR-V Edmunds MF” to find the appropriate Edmunds forum. You should get an answer rather quickly on there.

The CR-V doesn’t lease well at all compared to Equinox, Terrain, and even RAV4. You might be much better off selling it to Carvana or Vroom instead of turning it in. Fits hold their value very well and Honda is generally conservative with residuals


FYI, I believe that $500 damage is waived regardless if you’re loyal or not. Up to $1000 with loyalty plus they waive disposition fee.