First Time Leaser 19

It would be my first time leasing a car, I’ve done a lot of research over these last 6 months and Im grateful to have found this forum. I want to lease a car for 300 or less with good gas mileage since I am still a college student. My only concern is that I notice that alot of deals here are due to offers such as competitive leasing and all that, I dont feel like I qualify for any special rebate, so whats you’re guys input or advice on helping me/ I was looking at leasing a 2018 Volt but was waiting on the 2019 due to the upgrades the facelift will recieve, I perfer 0 down.

Thank Youuuu

As a college student - don’t lease - buy a beater and save your money


Agreed! But if you are adamant about leasing a car at 19 it might help to have a co-signer since you probably don’t have credit history. And you might have to provide proof of income as well. Also, maybe you can go through a broker? If not, learn the basics of leasing on here and then try to email various dealerships and have a deal in place before you show up in person. Good luck!