First time lease - Pacifica Touring L - Central Florida

Hi everyone. First time leasing and received this quote at first request… Seems fairly poor but want others opinions on approaches or next steps.

Pacifica Touring L
36/12k - zip 32724

From the dealer…

"For the 36 mo/12K per year lease, these are the figures:

Money Factor is .00024
Residual 48%
MSRP is $37155
Net Cap Cost is $34576
We are selling you the vehicle for $34959
The rebate is $2000
There is a $599 dealer fee
Tag and license is $434

Your payment is $477 before tax.
After tax it is $508

There is no ACT fee or security deposit on the 36 month lease( which is why initial 36 mo payment I gave you was a little higher, because we didn’t know it did not apply to the 36 mo lease), but is on the 24 month lease. ACT feeis $595 and sec deposit is $550. "

Seems like it could be much better…

48% residual can’t result in a good lease… it’s a question how bad is acceptable

Thanks… yea, makes sense… I reached out to Quirk who told me they don’t do out of state (FL) deals so Im kicking their pricing over to local dealers and will see what happens.

If there is a big discount and/or a big pile of lease cash on the hood, such as with Volt or certain other models, then rv can be lower and still result in a low monthly payment.

That is true…although so far the only decent leases with <50% residuals I’ve seen are EVs which have state/federal rebates to make up for the horrible residuals…