First time end of lease, to new lease. Am I doing this right?

Hey Everyone,

I am about a month left of my Tacoma Lease through USbank. Currently my buyout is 32500 and my Carmax offer is 37800. I live in Virginia so my questions are as follows to make sure I am doing this right.

  1. I plan on buying it out and selling it to CarMax or carvanna. If I am correct in VA I do not pay taxes twice? Can I buy it out from USbank in cash or loan and sell it to Carmax to keep the equity profit?

  2. Then I am looking at a broker on here for 4xe lease through jeep. Looks Like in VA I can put down the equity difference to get my 4xe payment in the mid 300’s. Can I do this process at the same time? I have the cash to put on the 4xe now but getting the equity back will reimburse me.

  3. Second I noticed the residual from most brokers is higher on the Rubicon compared to the Sahara and I do not understand why if the rubi is more expensive?

Thank you

Because ccap presumably determined the Rubicon holds its value a bit better.

If you’re going to lease the 4XE, put in your order now. It’s a 8-12 week wait. There are brokers on here who can get you 8%-10% off MSRP and CCAP will pass on the $7,500 tax incentive thru Cap Cost reduction. You can also go dealer direct but it’ll requires a little more effort.

I’m in NOVA and have leased 2 4XE (a Sahara and a Rubi) in the past 3 months.

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So I plan on buying out my truck lease and because I’m ordering a wrangler it’ll take 8 to 12 weeks for it to arrive currently the value through Carmax is pretty good and I plan on selling it to get the equity but I need the truck till then. realistically in 8 to 12 weeks are values on vehicles right now dropping a lot?

Again I know this is a loaded question and no one has a crystal ball but for people that have been monitoring the car market recently do you think the value will drop thousands of dollars in that amount of time?

I doubt it. Might drop a little if at all. Might go up as well. I don’t think it will drop significantly in the next 2 or 3 months.

I work in supply chain for automotive and high tech. The chip shortage was stabilizing but the Omicron related shutdowns are delaying recovery. I don’t see things improving until maybe the 2nd half of this year. The hundred of billions of investment that were poured into fab plants take 18-24 months to come online. And most of those investments went into higher end nodes, not the legacy nodes used by automotive industry.

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