First post: 2020 BMW 330i lease help


Hi all. This is my first post so be kind. I’ve read a bunch but am new to this so I’m looking for some advice. Can you guys look at this potential lease and see where/if there is wiggle room? It’s in Charlotte, N.C.

My limited knowledge says this isn’t a great deal. This is even with a “military discount”

I have 3 payments left on my current 2017 Audi lease. So not sure how to get them to possibly help with that too.

Thank you!

There is a ton of wiggle room. That’s discount amount is horrible.

BMW isn’t going to pay your Audi payments. They may roll them in to the deal, but either way, you’re paying them. I’d just wait 3 months.


Are you sure? There are so many BMW threads to base your deal on and come to an obvious conclusion w/o needing to ask.

Wow, thanks for the advice. Don’t be a dick.

Don’t be lazy. Read and educate yourself.

His advice was sound. This site is a resource with tons of information available to you. Use it. We get flooded daily with new users that just want the answers spoonfed to them without putting in the legwork on their side.

You’re asking about deals on a 3 series bmw. I don’t think you could have picked a more thoroughly discussed vehicles if you tried. When you post a deal like this and ask “is this any good” when it has glaring issues, it’s obvious that you haven’t taken the time to do your research.


Clearly a bad deal plus you’re better off waiting instead of rolling in existing payments

Do yourself a favor whenever you’re ready to make a deal…buy a one way ticket to Atlanta and head to BMW of Gwinnett and speak with Daniel Wen or Tolli Poff. It will be well worth the incredible savings. We’ve leased two 540i’s and one X5 in the last 9 months. and I’m in Raleigh. They’re great folks.

You shouldn’t take anything less than a 12% pre-incentive discount on this car. Some dealers won’t bite but just letting you know what should be possible.

Do you have loyalty? If you have loyalty, you might need to pull the trigger this month as our BMW sources here have indicated that they will no longer continue the payment credit into their June programs.

If you don’t want to answer my question then don’t. But to ridicule isn’t really necessary…

Thank you to those who have replied with advice.

Who is ridiculing you? This thread is already going nowhere. Getting defensive isn’t going to get you a better discount when people are trying to help despite it being a topic and vehicle covered ad nauseum.

I’ll add that it’s smarter to just wait until your current lease ends. No one here would or should recommend rolling in negative equity into a new deal.