First pass at 2018 Volvo XC90

Just had my first pass at a Volvo dealer in South Central PA. Volvo XC90 T5
MSRP $56,885
Customer Cash - 3500
RV 58%
10K per year

Thoughts on getting more off the MSRP where do I go from here. Is A-Plan available to someone like me or thoughts on me moving to a Lease Broker.

What is your monthly and total due at inception? Did you put down MSD’s?

You go and search here for discount off MSRP on XC90 (hint: 10% off is very good)

Lots of missing info. Besides what is mentioned prior, what does “customer cash” figure include?

No MSD the sales associate told me at .0009 additional MSD’s do not lower payment .
Total due at signing is $649.71 Advanced Payments and $281.15 upfront charges. Total Cap reduction $2569.14

I was wondering if I should shoot for 13% off Sale Price of $52885.00

Sure, just ask for a free lease. Or even better - have them pay you.

Don’t mind the bear. When I told him an S90 could be done for 399, he told me I was too cheap :slight_smile:

What was your monthly payment?

Monthly payment $632.60 per month. This is with zero down.

Let it go already. Was not possible without the 3k a-plan cash, that not everyone had. Granted, many found a loophole in VCOA, which was promptly shut :slightly_smiling_face:

MSDs absolutely will lower the payment. What money are they putting in for cap reduction? You should not be paying them anything for CCR. Put it into MSD instead. You should be able to get 10% off MSRP. Maybe a little more. I leased one last month in MA and got 10% off MSRP before incentives.

I’m getting closer with this one. I just discovered that I have A-plan available. The sales rep came back to me with:
MSRP -$56885
Sale Price - $50438
Customer Cash - $3500.00
Advanced Payment $558
Upfront Charge $261
Total Cap Reduction $2660
MF .00099
39 months
10K per year

should I apply the 2660 to the MSD
Can I apply trade to the MSD

Just have them cut you a check for the trade. Then you can use that money for MSD. Looks like your MSD would be 600 each. So you could do 4 for 2400. Or more if you have the cash. Maximum with Volvo is 10 MSD.

What are your tax rate, DMV fees, acq. fee, dealer doc fees?

Is the 3500 customer cash included in the sale price already?

the 3500 looks to be called Customer Cash. However there is no sub total. The below. I have:
Advanced Payments $558.05
Upfront Charges $281.15
Total Cap Reduction $2660.80
Due on Delivery $3500.00
Sales tax in my state is 9%
Payment $511
Tax $46
Total $558

The Customer Cash and the Due on Delivery cancel one another out.

So it looks like my sale price is $50,438 and RV is $31855