First Lease Help

I know the c43 will be closer to 700s if anything. Mainly because of amg and Coupe. I was only asking, I know what they cost man. I’ve paid cash for cars and never leased.

I just want to know what the best performance car there was for $400 a month vs getting the next tier type of vehicle around $650-700.

Credit is not a problem I have perfect co-signer and can rebuild mine in a year or two tops, I’m just leasing a fun car in the meantime. Y’all act like I’m a college student breaking my budging and can’t add math. I’m in car sales lol

Probably a good choice. One route I had was get a low mileage Porsche cayman(can’t do convertibles). Drive it for a year or two and not lose much money.

But want to lease just to have a taste of a new car for a while. No rush

That sounds like a good deal actually. What state?
I really do love the car. I originally bought a C450 Amg. Same engine but they rebranded it as the c43 in 2017. I fell in love with the 9speed and exhaust option so I traded it in to buy a coupe lol.

Really amazing fun car. Even the Porsche I had felt like I needed to baby it compared to this one.

Done the insurance calls already, my premium won’t be too bad. As for financing a civic, no way. The daily driver is already a perfectly good car for its purpose. Just wanted to step it up since I got back on my feet and have money on the side now.

Please don’t mention stick option. Nothing more depressing than realizing some of these great car no longer have that option in the states. Just sad

Note: just realized you weren’t referring to a manual. But as you can see, my favorite way to go

Civics are meant to be daily cars that last forever until the wheels fall off literally. The new Si is also not as fast as I want it to. If anything, I’d buy a used Honda for 2-4K and it’ll last a good 5 years each run at the least.

I currently live in Texas and heard it is bad for leases. I have friends who live in CA and Florida who could co-sign so technically help me get the car.

Any advice or info what to do?

I don’t know the BEST but surely know that Florida is one of the worst.

Get one in Texas. The issue with Texas is taxes. You’re not getting out of that by getting it elsewhere.

Look for vehicles for tax credits


Add vegas to this list :-1:t2:

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I concur. BMW is an AutoNation monopoly and many dealers “never heard of” or refuse to do MSDs. Every Toyota RAV I’ve looked at was loaded up with mud guards, first aid kits, and tons of other accessories

Giulia is just a really good looking car. Just my $0.02, but the listing I have seen the lower-spec modes sit on the lots for a long time. Maybe try to work something out if Alfa is still supporting 19s?

Hondata has a nice tune for the Si but honestly the L15 is an econo car engine. Sounds and feels lazy. I like my K20C :slight_smile:

The guy has already f@cked up his credit once, but apparently didn’t learn his lesson


Could be as high as ~800 if you consider Texas tax due on purchase price less incentives…

Just get a Corolla S with in hatch with a manual. Some fun and practical car!

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All these questions and then “I’m in car sales”?


This depends heavily on how you define “rebuild.”

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Vegas can be great. Not my current lease but the prior one I could not find anything close to the car I wanted anywhere in California. It would’ve been a special order. Vegas had the exact car sitting on the lot, I opened with the best deal a California dealer offered me on one that I didn’t want, the deal was done in three emails and I picked it up the next day.

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