First Lease Help

So I just got my foot on track and fixed my life. Current credit score is 580 but my income is good. My parents score is in the 770-840s so top tier.

I was wondering if they co-sign will I get the top factors when trying to get a lease? I know my credit needs building so might as well get a car I like. Currently have a Daily civic paid off but want a weekend car.

I’ve had the Mercedes C450 sedan, C43 amg coupe, 911 2012 black edition, Alfa Romeo Giulia and a few others in my previous life before my business hit the fan.

My top picks on leasing a car now(always paid cash never leased or finance before).

  • Alfa Romeo Giulia (pretty shit car in performance but looks nice and uncommon. Pro is it’s cheaper
  • Civic Si Coupe( pretty good car and could possibly buy in the end)
  • C43 Amg Coupe (more expensive and probably less incentives but absolutely love the car. Having even bought it twice lol).

Just wanted to know what the best performance were for cars in the 300-450 range.

Yes you will qualify for top tier if they co-sign.

“The best” is subjective. That’s up to you to determine. For example, I’m now going to recommend a used S2000 to you since you said ‘weekend car’. Why worry about depreciation when you can own an appreciating vehicle. YMMV.

I see you’re in Texas. There’s negative incentive to lease there due to paying tax on the entire purchase price even though you’re only paying for a certain percentage of it during the lease (1-RV). So unless you find a vehicle that has a hugely overstated residual, or very high lease only rebates, you’re not wrong for only buying cars.

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You are cross shopping an alfa with a civic? Just wow. But ok.
With that credit, ID work On fixing that first before getting semi exotic cars…


AMG coupe is for sure out in your budget without good money upfront. 1 down

Being in TX, the Civic is probably the only realistic one, although I haven’t followed Alfa much recently.

A Civic Si, Alfa Giulia and MB C class are semi exotic cars? :laughing: let’s not invent reasons to thumb our noses at folks.

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If you read the post, I got my life on track again and credit can easily be built. I just want to get a car as a stepping stone on it as well.

I’ve had sport cars before, not exotics. Exotics are 200k+.

Not really. Exotic is 200k+ cars to me.

Anything less is a sports or luxury car. But that’s me and I’ve driven/owned a few

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Can I buy a posting box in a different state so it counts as an address? I don’t mind registering in a different state.

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We typically don’t recommend doing things that are technically illegal. And I highly doubt that a bank would fund a contract with a PO Box address.

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Putting the credit issues and even taxes aside, in what world do people think they can get C43 AMG coupes in the “300-450” range?


You already own a civic and don’t think you want another civic tho.
Maybe used c43 amg or m3 but that will be purchase not lease.

So this is called fraud


If you have never had a car loan or lease, and your credit score (which bureau/scoring algorithm anyway?) starts with a 5xx, even if you have co-signers you will do better to finance a new/used vehicle and pay it off. Get a used/CPO Civic (if that’s on the list), pay it off in a couple years, then lease on your own.

You should also seriously shop the insurance on any short list car before you choose. If you search the forums this has been discussed at length.

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I’ve seen some well equipped 2019 C300s for under $400 recently… you could likely nail that down and still have some of the “wow” factor you seem to be looking for.

The same one where pigs fly.

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Agreed. I just got done negotiating a new c43 65k coupé for $599 tax included, 36/10, first DAS. That’s personally one of the lowest deals I’ve ever done on an amg coupé.

A lot of dealers are blowing out ‘19 c300’s right now, coupes too. Been told lease support will actually stop end of March

Calculator link?

Didn’t even get into mf and residual with this dealer. Wouldn’t have helped what I was trying to achieve. They were sitting on a ‘19 with summer tires in a place where those don’t work too well, and I knew they needed to move the car. Strictly payment shopping knowing it was going to be a return in 36 months. Under $600 was target and luckily got there

here’s a good example @MEFXJR

He already has a used Civic.

Still going with buy used S2K and sell it for profit in a couple years :heart_eyes_cat: