First lease // BMW 330e // SF Bay Area

Hi hackers - I am in the SF Bay Area and wanted to check on the deal before I lease a 2017 330e. This is my first lease, and the down-payment / monthly seemed a little high. Your help is appreciated!

MSRP: $54,245
Residual: 62%
Lease-end value: $33,631.90
Initial Cap Cost: $50,592
Rebate: $5,500
Cash Cap Reduction: $4,205.63
DMV: $409

Term: 36 months
Money Factor: .00180
Total adds to cap: $925
Adjusted Cap Cost: 41,811.37
Base monthly: $396.59
Initial feeds: $115
Upfront fees: $450
Sales tax: $2,040.66
Downpayment: $6,000
Total working cash: $6,000

Thank you very much!

Non-starter. Try to get numbers with 0 cap cost/downpayment.

@vhooloo thank you. If I get numbers with zero down, I’m assuming the monthly would skyrocket?

Marked up money factor

Thanks @F80Ronnie, should I be shooting for .00880 with great credit?

.00152 is the buy rate this month. Also, the rebate is $6,000 this month. Are they using the rebate as the cash down?

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Appreciate it, @Whippit.

I’ll go back to them with lower MF and zero down payment. What’s a reasonable monthly I could expect for that? Love to stick to $350.

No, they wanted me to pay 6,000!

Damn. Find a new dealer that doesn’t play the mark-up bs game. I’ve had pretty good luck with Concord BMW shooting straight and being very aggressive if you give them something to aim for.

BMW doesn’t lease that well right now. You could probably do $400/ month before tax with fees and first month at signing.

I’m not sure what the hell your dealer is talking about. That list of numbers is very confusing and I’m not sure if it makes a whole lot of sense. I think they do that intentionally to confuse buyers and snag more cash.

For September, the rebate is now $6,000. The MF should be 0.00152. I’m not sure what’s going on with those fees either.

Using the calculator, with $0 down and these numbers, you should be at $489/month.

Thank you very much. The sheet the dealer gave me was VERY confusing, and I didn’t think it makes sense. I’ve only bought before, so this is new.

My friend was thinking about getting a similar car last month. Got quoted $2000 drive off and payment was $366 a month with cali taxes. Also this was $5500 rebate.

.00151 mf
36/10 62% residual

I would contact Greg Poland at pacific bmw in Glendale. Ideally you get the car there, but worst case you could use the quote as leverage in your area. Plus you can tell him that you need a really good deal to drive down there.

looks like the best you can do is around 400 a month with zero down right now according to ev-vin. 330e was going fro around 300 a month a few months ago. not a great lease now

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I’m at SF Bay Area too, the dealer that I’m currently working with won’t lower the MF from 0.0018 to 0.00152 which is very frustrated, I even ask the sales person to go ask the manager about MF, and he still come back with 0.0018. Contact a dealer from SoCal, they give me much more reasonable number without marking up MF. go get a quote from SoCal dealer first then take it back to NorCal, most likely they won’t match as I done that before, they usually will say… Oh Socal has different incentives and stuff that’s how they can get their selling price that low before rebate blah blah blah. But it won’t hurt to get more quote from different dealers to give you a better idea of how the number should look like. I think I’ll go grab the car from Socal just cuz they are more transparent. but let us know how your shopping goes!

As one of the previous posters said email Greg Poland at Pacific BMW. Tell him what you want, he will give a quote. No games with Greg.

If you like the numbers and can’t beat them up north you can fly into Burbank, take a cab/Uber to Glendale which is just a few miles away, and be driving home in less than an hour. You can do the entire transaction with Greg who handles the financial paperwork too so you don’t have to go over to a separate finance office.

Good luck!

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@lazaruslong did you already get your 330e? I’m new to the forums and just saw this thread.

Besides the marked up MF you may also be eligible for another $750 Loyalty Rebate and possible $500 Corporate Fleet discount if you work for a company on the approved list. If you had both of these and the .00152 MF on the MSRP you mentioned, the payment would be $398+ tax with $2k total due at signing.

Let me know if I can be of any further assistance. Good luck!