First hack: BMW i3. Dealer quote doesn't match hackr calculator?


Hello hackrs! This is my first hack and I want to verify the math before signing any paperwork. My city/state has no additional incentive for electric vehicles, but I do qualify for all the current BMW incentives (listed below). I am comparing all three terms (24, 30, 36 month), and none of the dealer quotes match my calculations. Your guidance is greatly appreciated.

In case it matters, the dealer is in Alabama and I will be registering the vehicle in Tennessee.

Vehicle: BMW i3
MSRP: $49,745
Discount: 8.0%
Sell price: $45,761
Base money factor: .00128
Lease incentive: $7,500
Loyalty: $3,000
College grad: $1,000
OL code: $1,000
All calculations assume $0 down.

24 months: Dealer quoted $259 per month. Calculator says:

30 months: Dealer quoted $280 per month. Calculator says:

36 months: Dealer quoted $289 per month. Calculator says:

Thank you for your support,

If you click zero drive off in the first link you get the same payment as the dealer told you.

Batistuta, I think I figured it out but unrelated to the Zero Drive Off button.

If I take the calculator’s “Total Lease Cost” and divide by number of months, I reach the dealer quoted monthly payment. I told the salesman that I was interested in total cost (so I wouldn’t get duped into a large down payment) and he must have taken this into consideration.

$6,256 / 24 = $260
$8,423 / 30 = $280
$10,393 / 36 = $289

Does this get the hackrs nod of approval?

24 months is the way to go!