Finding Demo Deals

I’ve leased several Merc and BMW demos in the past and gotten absurd deals - it’s sweet to lease when you get 30% off MSRP and have a 54% residual. I’m looking for other options outside of BMW, Audi, Merc. What other manufacturers have people had luck finding and leasing demos? I haven’t had much luck searching, though I know demo deals are there to be had outside the Germans.

I have seen a lot of people will just search for new vehicles with less than 5,000 miles on cargurus and that has been the most common method of finding these demos/loaners. I have found a few from Lexus using this method but dont have any personal buying experience

Do you mean looking for current model year, used? In the past I’d found demos by searching for used in the current model year.

Nice thread I like this. At one point I was going to make a DEMO wiki thread but forgot :laughing:

Volvo is great for demos.

Porsche, at least compared to new ones.

GM has good demo deals if you can live with losing the miles. I’ve seen Cadillac demos at 20% off.

Honda/Acura lease demos but the residuals are so good that it usually doesn’t make much sense…dealers will just CPO and retail them for more money.


Thanks Chrishs2000, I appreciate the insight. Have you found a good way to search for Volvo or Cadi Demos online?

I’m thinking of leasing a demo next lease since I have seen some driving $40k+ rides for under $350

Are there good deals on demo Ranger Rover Velar and if so where to find them?

Check with @HersheySweet

I got no more demos doe 2020. Have some going into the pipeline for 2021 though.

I’ll message you about a really cheap disco. I’ll re run numbers but it should be in the 6-700s for sign and drive in most states for a 63k msrp.

Hi, When you lease a demo car, does it say ‘pre-owned’ in the contract ?

Still please do! haha

Hi. Please pm me Wich range rover demos you have available…

Thank you