Finding a 1% MSRP deal with all fees rolled in - is it possible in this market?


I’m in FL and I’ve been searching the forums here and listings online for a deal on a crossover SUV over the past couple of weeks and it seems challenging to find a 1% MSRP good lease deal right now.

By the looks of the market place and scarcity of the deals posted across other forums, it’s seem impossible.

Wranglers 4xe, Jeep GC

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I thought by cross over he meant highlander or pilot.
But the best deals around do seem to be the 4xe.

As is always the case, 1% tells you nothing as to if the deal is any good or not. There are deals that can be currently had where 1% is a horrible deal and there are deals that can be had where 1% is impossible.

Now, as much as ever, it is best to forget anyone ever suggested that such a rule has any place in the world.

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That metric is rather hotly debated as to its merit, but the shortanswer is finding something that meets your stated criteria right now seems impossible outside of an ordered jeep wrangler 4xe.

Many of us are waiting to see what Jeep announces on the forthcoming grand Cherokee 4xe however. No guarantees the programs will be as favorable as they are on the wranglers, but I think there are like 10 million of us here hoping they are similar🤪

Tacoma sr is $35k msrp and 360/mo all in for Florida. If that’s something you would want message me. They also have a likelihood of having equity at lease end, which lowers the price even more if so retroactively

Better to be blunt than to beat around the bush. Stickers keep going up because uninformed people believe in these stupid % rules

Or get hoodwinked by the “discount” when buying.

Easiest way to rip people off.

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