Financing a used car

Hi Guys,
I was thinking of getting a 30k-40k loan and buy a few years old Corvette.
Do you think I can get a good APR and what is the best way to loan? Credit unions? Any specific ones?
I used Chase bank online estimator for used car and APR was %4.2 for 60 Months with Excellent credit.
Is it a good number?

Credit Union or maybe dealer financing if they have any special rate for a GM Certified etc

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Thanks @joeblogs! Any APR estimation that you consider a good deal?

DCU usually has good rates. Look at great unions though. You can get lower than that rate from Chase

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depends where you live…

best rates usually here in socal - USAA, School’s First, Navy Fed, OC Credit union
other good banks - unify fed, kinecta, pen fed

chase bank, bofa, wells typically higher than credit unions. esp on used.

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Local credit union or a federal one like Penfed

@BoardWalkNJ I heard DCU’s service isn’t as good as it used to be.

CUs are membership based so you typically have to live/work/study in the locality to qualify for your local one or join an association (nominal fee) to join one of the federal ones.

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I live in Bay area, san jose.
Can I still use the good deals in SOCAL?
I can drive there for the paperwork.

yes, i sell to anyone in california or those that own and can register vehicle to properties owned here.

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current used car rate ( at lease down here in socal)
go with credit union if you are looking at a used car loan for sure like @chevysalesgirl said.

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