Finance snuck a package into friends payment..?

Helped a friend get into a Cruze tonight. Got two other friends into leases from the same dealer this week…

Anyways, we get initial offer from one manager and then he leaves for the night… next manager comes back with different numbers and then he leaves as well. The next manager comes back with higher numbers and I’m like wait where is the original papers… they can’t “find” them and act shady from there. I knew something was up.

We were tired so we agreed to the higher payment because if we left we would lose the chevy conquest that expires today. So we couldn’t go to another dealer. Anyways we still have a good deal and I leave as my friends go to finance.

I call them later and they said “finance was great they even gave us FREE tire package and replacement if anything happens to them”

Instantly I’m like hmmmmm. Makes sense now. They snuck the tire package into the payment and that’s why it was higher and then said it was “free”

Did they just pull one over on us?

Likely. You might be able to call and have that canceled.

I am not sure about chevy but most often these things can be dropped within a month or so. You will receive a check.