Finally got a dealer that gave numbers that match the LeaseHackr Calculator

I’ve sent a number of requests to BMW and Mercedes dealers in the South and the numbers never seem to match. Sometimes they’re off by $200/mo. In the South, finding a BMW 430 'vert or a Mercedes C300 'vert for less than $625/mo (MSRP of about $64-66k & dealers asking for $3-5k downpayment) seems impossible. Even loaners are being quoted at more than $600/mo. Just got numbers from a dealer in NC that quoted almost $800/mo on a C300 demo with an MSRP of $66k. Aggravated, I expanded my search area and found a dealer that is given me great numbers. Actually, blowing me away because they line up with the LeaseHackr Calculator almost dollar for dollar. Even when I factor in the $900 to ship the car, it’s so much cheaper to buy this car than one from our local dealer. I wish the local dealers would play ball.

Did you expect that on your initial quote you will receive great numbers? That’s not how it works. It is a waste of time to wait for the dealer to give you attractive numbers. Email the dealer the deal you want and see if they can do it instead.

That’s what I did. Each dealer told me they couldn’t touch the numbers I wanted.

How many lease sheets or screenshots have you gotten?

What were the numbers you wanted?

Also, why not approach local dealers with numbers from the other guys and see if they can beat it?

I don’t want to be a stick in the mud, but dealers usually will turn you away with a bunch of random numbers and a lease calculator.

Let us know and we can try our best to help!

Within the last 2 months, 6 from BMW dealers and 5 from Mercedes dealers (1 dealer had 3 cars for a total of 7 lease screen shots).

I was looking for numbers that were close to the numbers I got with the Leasehackr Calculator. I got the MF and RV from Edmunds and then plugged those numbers (plus any incentives/rebates) in with the dealer’s sales price. The numbers on the calculator always came up much less than what I was being offered. Convertibles seem to more difficult to get amazing deals on as the residual values are appear to be far below their sedan/coupe counterpart. I did reach out to the few local dealers and all their numbers were way off. I did have one salesman tell me that they don’t need to try hard on lease numbers for convertibles (BMW) because they “sell” themselves. I am seeing discounts of 15-20% of MSRP on some new/demo 2019s. Most of the cars I’m looking at have an MSRP in the mid $60,000 range. Anything under $600 would be great but I would love an even cheaper payment. When I got the one sheet from the dealer with a payment of $533 (including taxes), I was excited to finally get a dealer whose numbers matched what I was getting in the calculator.

How many had the mf on them? If you have all the details, the numbers should be within $3 or $5 a month

I too have been extremely frustrated with not only the Leasehackr calculator numbers, but the choices of others. Although the numbers between all the calculators are mostly only $20-$30 that’s most likely the way it is, and I’ve yet to find the perfect tool that delivers the correct numbers all the time. I’d say that it’s great you found the numbers to be in line with a dealer. I’d love to know who that dealer was so I can research them also to see if they have affiliations with other brands (i.e., Lexus) to make my deal happen, as I’m at the end of the rope with BS I’ve been experiencing as of late.

I posted my experience on Edmunds, however I’ll also replicate it here:

Am I getting royally screwed?

5 different dealers, multiple offers, all numbers are screwy.
Bottom line, a RX450 h with avg. 5-6% off MSRP with 7 MSD’s and MSRP’s between $52k to $59k get 5 different dealers with sets on numbers that are nowhere near each other. Who in the world can deal with the snakes and liars if the level of patience is stretched so thin because of the thievery?

NO MSD’s ($58,000 MSRP for $54,000)
No MSD's 58k MSRP for 54k

With 7 MSD's 58k MSRP for 54k

There’s no way for it to be off by this much without the inputs being different.

As for the Rx hybrid, that deal looks atrocious. Last time I checked it made no sense to lease one over the gasoline version, ie you won’t recover the hybrid’s price premium thru gas savings over the course of a traditional lease.

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Here’s your problem. You’re assuming they’re charging buy rate MF and that their sales prices doesn’t include incentives.


If we are talking DAS off by $20-30, it can easily be by what’s taxed, etc. $20-30 a month is a very different story.

The calculator numbers are off because of the user. With the appropriate input the LH calculator is within a few dollars.


I have seen regular RX models getting leased for a ton less than that. Is there really a potential $200-300 in gas savings every month the warrant the hybrid price increase?

Didn’t make any assumptions about the MF. The MF was in most of the sheets or in the emails. MB MF was 0.00022-0.00054 and the BMW MF was somewhere around 0.00155-0.00168. I was given the incentives /rebates/discounts by the dealers. When I questioned them about the numbers not lining up, they said I wasn’t using the correct calculator.

You said you used Edmunds numbers, but those numbers are marked up from buy rate.

99% of the time that calculators are way off, it’s because of an assumption then buy rate MF is being used, that the sales price doesn’t include incentives, or the drive offs don’t match.

OK, so here is the deal given. I’d like some possible help to clearly understand how all the numbers are being put together.
We wound up finding a 2020 RX450h (we want the hybrid, we like the hybrid, we’ve had 5 hybrids)
Supposed to pick up the car on Tuesday.
The only numbers I have are the following (which seem OK, but are they?)
MSRP $56,200
7 Multiple Security Deposits (MSD’s)
$7,573.50 drive off (inclusive of the 7 MSD’s)
55% residual
0.0006 MF (goes to .0004 w/ 7 MSD’s)
36mo/15k mi year lease
$524 mo. payment for 36 mo.
Turning in 2017 RX450h w/46k mi with new tires, with up to 4 lease payments waived (lease is up in April 17th with waived March and April payments and disposition fee waived so we got 2 waived
Give those numbers to digest, not clear (yet) as to how much the car was discounted from MSRP and other factors. I’m trying to figure out how the $524 is reached as I use the Leasehackr calc and the Edmunds, and it’s a little confusing without all the correct numbers. I can however make assumptions of the 6.625 NJ Sales Tax, Registration fees ($384) Acquisition Fee of $700, Doc fee of $499

That doesn’t sound like a good deal. That appears to be effectively $633/mo for a $54k vehicle.

Are you over mileage on the old RX, you will be charged for them unless the dealer is actually by buying out the car. Also is pull ahead 4 months? I think typical it is 3 months so that extra month is likely going to be rolled into your new payment. And just ask the dealer about the discount so you aren’t guessing on the numbers.