Finalized 2019 BMW X3 Demo


I was offered the below deal but when I went to the dealership to sign the paperwork they had already sold the car. So they offered me a new deal.

Old Deal
MSRP 50,800
Sale Price 36,697 (incentives rolled into Sale price)
Mileage 4.8K
New residual 58.87%
.00165 after MSD 0.00130
Drive-off 1st month payment
Monthly payment 348 including taxes.

MSRP 49,385
Sale Price 33,030 (all inclusive of rebates, $5,250)
Mileage 4.7K
New Residual 55.8 ($27,593)
.00165 after MSD 0.00130
Drive-off 1st month payment & MSD
Monthly payment $324

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Deal seems really good if everything is really rolled into the payment. How much were the incentives. I think the monthly might be cheaper if you went with a 24 month term.


I asked for 19.9% off MSRP and 5K on another X3 (MSRP was 48K) but they said it could not be retailed yet. They offered the deal I posted and said must sign by end of month (I am thinking the X1 hold might be hurting their numbers). Thank you for the advice on the 24 and I will post the final worksheet.