Fellow texans, how do you feel about leasing a vehicle in Texas?


We only have one XT5 Loaner left. MSRP is almost $50k
We dont expect any full tax credits on XT5 for 2018.

There are killer deals on the CT6 right now.

I will send you a PM here shortly.


Hi, what kind of deals do you have on the ct6’s?


I will send you a PM


what deals you have on CT6’s? can you please provide the details. thanks


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Hi, Could you also PM me what kind of deals you have on the CT6s or CTS? Do the sedans also get partial tax credit or full tax credit?


Olman can you send me the details…I am also interested in leasing.


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I’m also interested in the Cadillac lease deals. Thanks.


PM has been sent


Send me PM. Thanks


Does anyone know if any BMW dealer in Texas has Jan tax credits. So sad I couldn’t buy one in December when tax credits were plenty.


I wanted to add my datapoint here. It contradicts some of statement regarding Lexus.

I was able to obtain tax credit on 2019 Lexus GX460. However, it was on last day of 2018 (Dec 31st).

LFS was doling out on RX and NX during their “December to Remember” campaign (source: 2 different dealership). LFS does not offer on GX. According to sales clerk, it was LFS decision and not dealer (but DP mentioned here otherwise). I brought up tax credit demand at the very end to close the deal (when we failed to meet MF and negotiated price) and made it contingent on tax credit.

Apparently they approved my deal because tax credit was expiring at the year end. However, I little trust in car sales folks. He might have been forcing me to do the deal on last day of the year.