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Hello everyone, my name is Felix Stepanyan and I am the Internet Sales Manager at Concierge Auto Group.

Concierge Auto Group is an auto brokerage that serves the Greater Los Angeles area.

We charge no retainer fee, and no broker fee. We make our money through the dealer.
Our Instagram regularly updates new specials and listings, so check our page out for any deals that might interest you. IG @conciergeautogroup

If there is a specific car you are looking to lease, don’t hesitate to contact me. We work with ALL Makes & Models, along with most types of credit.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
E-Mail: felix@conciergeautogroup.com
Instagram: @conciergeautogroup
Text: 1-517-505-6330

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Emailed Felix about a 3 days ago, he responded and said he was going to get on a lease quote immediately. I asked him if he could beat my Velar lease quote I got from another dealer, I never heard anything after the initial exchange and people are getting these cars A LOT lower than I was quoted. I’ve followed up with three emails and haven’t gotten a response. I don’t mind if you cannot do better, but at least tell me and don’t leave it open ended.

Btw, Car is for my cousin I live in NJ

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Felo jan welcome to the forum.


Sean, I understand where you’re coming from, but I did not leave you open ended. I was working meticulously trying to get you at the price you requested. After calling every connection I had, I then replied stating the information that I had received.



Thank you axpers, I just replied to your PM!

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You only responded until after I wrote that. It shouldn’t have to take me writing something for you to respond. Anyways, onto the next broker.


Good luck with that. You’ve already pissed off two here.


I’ve gotten quotes for over a dozen members in the forum already (within a 24hr period), and I’m currently getting a car prepared for pickup to a member in this group. I’d say my ROI in this group is still positive.

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Our best, @Benedetto and @nyclife, also got overwhelmed at some point.

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Please keep all your "wanted" ads here

I’m sure with due time my local reputation will transfer over to my online reputation and there will be little to no room for “pissed clients”, respectively.


I did contact @nyclife and we got on a phone call, he mentioned to contact another broker as he was packed at the moment. So contacted @FelixConcierge. Hopefully, he will get better in the future.


Felix’s company is called Concierge Auto, and concierge service is what I got. I reached out regarding the Wrangler JL promo last Wed. After a few texts we chose a sticker and agreed on terms. I filled out their online app and sent my DL along with proof of insurance. We ran into a snag because the said sticker was no longer available, but without flinching, Felix found the EXACT same truck for me, and I picked up the Angler Friday evening. All docs were ready at my arrival, our office meeting was less than 5 minutes - including small talk!

MSRP $38xxx
Residual 80%
MF .0014
Not having to explain what Residual and MF are to a Salesperson: Priceless!

Thanks for the efficient and painless service, Felix.

Leasehackrs, I had a great experience and highly recommend this guy!

PS - those complaining about Felix’s turnaround on questions/quotes - he’s too modest to say that he has a full load at CSUN Pre-med - so cut the guy some slack! :wink:


What was th sales price for the Jeep?


Thank you so much for the kind words and your business! I’m glad I was able to get you in the car you wanted.

Enjoy it to the best of health!


I’ve asked for quotes from FelixConcierge and they have been low and prompt.


I reached Felix for a quote, after a brief exchange of emails he quoted me significantly higher compared to what I already got from two different dealerships. He wondered what are the numbers so he could beat it, and never returned back, even with polite refuse. Won’t doubt his professionalism in making deals, but some basic communication could have been improved.


Please include sales price and the deal structured (amount down, monthly) so prospective customers can evaluate the deal for their own reference. Otherwise your review isn’t particularly informative.

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