Feedback on the deal I worked. 2020 RAM Bighorn Crew Cab Night Edition


Hi all. Just looking for feedback on a lease deal I negotiated on a new 2020 Ram Big Horn Night Edition package. I feel like by sticking to my guns, putting in time to shop it around and pit multiple dealership against one another I came out on top but the calculator score is confusing me. Deal below.

MSRP 56030
Adjusted Cap Cost 47383.15
42mth Term
MF .00008 through Chrysler Capital
Residual 49%
Total Payment with tax 523.72

Total out of pocket drive off cash $514.19

Let me know how I did. Either way I am happy as this is the truck I want and the payment I wanted.

Forgot the mileage! 15K per year.


What dealer was this?

Rentschler RAM in Slatington PA

Pretty gutsy giving that info away without signing the truck you want yet. Swipers gonna swipe

It’s in my driveway already.

You’re going to be out of warranty roughly half way into your lease.

I did take that into consideration Max but in all reality I will probably be closer to about 12000 per year but purposely wanted the 15K for peace of mind and being able to take the truck on vacations if we desire. Also with the 5/60 powertrain warranty I felt comfortable as that is the meat and potatoes of high cost failure items. As far as the 42mths, I would hope to be able to negotiate a another deal on a new truck at 36mths in anyway.

First of all congrats! Enjoy the truck!

Can you elaborate how you got from MSRP to sale price? Discount? Rebates? Rebates would show on contract also.

With the two variable you have in mind
of you needed more time to find a suitable place past 36 month you could always extend by up to 6 month.

I get the wish for extra mile to keep your money at easy and a wish to take the car on vacations as an options.
When I got 10k lease we thought we will just get a car for points for vacation vs driving our SUV more. But then pandemic hit and we stopped driving so all extra miles we’re used on vacation😄

But you lower miles of you getting close to go over allotment you can always swap it. That’s what I did with my previous car.

Lcs23- Thanks!!

Breakdown below- and pic attached

Sale Price-54130
Positive Trade Equity-1496.85
Rebates 5250
Adjusted CC-47383.15
Residual 27454.70 (49%)
Money Factor .00008

This took some haggling to get too- The concession they made was going up $500 on my trade and waiving the acquisition fee. To get the payment down below $525 total which was my goal.

Since you have trade-in Equity involved then you are opening up yourself for some flaming unless you tell us you have checked with 3rd party buying options like Carvana, Vroom, etc to make sure you are getting the price offer for you trade-in car.
Have you?

Carvana was not possible. My trade was a 2018 RAM that was also leased but had 11 months left. How this ball got rolling was my local dealer called and asked about buying the truck back since used inventory is so low. From that statement I stated looking into it and every dealer kept saying the same thing. They wanted to buy my truck out even if I didn’t purchase from them as they are in desperate need of inventory. The KBB of my truck in Very Good condition called for 28494 trade in. The buyout on the lease from Chrysler Capital was 27503.15 as they would wave the $350 disposition fee if I released through them which is what I ultimately did. I got $29000 on the trade. The MSRP on the old RAM was $48000 and that total lease payment for a 39mth 15K was $496. I was able to end it 11 months early and upgrade to a 56K MSRP truck for about $25 a month more which I am very happy about.

Pic of the new truck!

Lvs23- I shopped my truck at 4 dealers, one being my local three within 75 miles, one being where I ultimately purchased from. The highest bid was $29000 from my local dealer. One was $27500 and two others were $28500. I negotiated with the dealer I bought from to match my local dealer at $29000.

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Why Carvana was out? They are not buying RAM product?
CarMax, Vroom, Shift?
Glad that you explored more than one dealership. Usually selling the car and leasing new yields the most.

Now its just a guess but giving you the highest price for your sale car might have given lower discount on the new to compensate for it.

Meaning - did you also shop for the new lease without involvment of a trade to make sure you are also getting not just a good price on your old ride but also great deal on the new?

Not that it would change anything now. But just curious.

I did not which honestly I didn’t even think of that. Good learning for down the road If this situation arises again.

I did actually goto Carvana’s site but while filling out the information there was a section that asked whether the truck was under a lease and then did not give me a appraisal. From that point I assumed any of the similar companies would be the same.

Lvs23- as a trusted hacker, trade and such aside, what’s your honest opinion on what I negotiated?

Couple of thing more
What is the tax rate in PA? 3%? And how much were the dealership fee?
Looks like you have 3.4% off from MSRP. Not the most stellar compare to other brands.
I haven’t seen many RAM come to the board so I can’t say for sure if you could have gotten more.
And without shopping the deal itself you would not know.

Here is I think the calc for your deal
Lease Calc

Tax rate is actually 9%. 6% sales and 3% use tax. 4% use in and around Philly but thankfully not where I live.

Dealer fees were $389