Feedback on 2018 340i xdrive lease


Looking for feedback on the following, dealer seems firm on offer, but I feel there is a little more room

2018 340i xdrive ex loaner with 4660 miles
Msrp: $57,035
Selling price: $49,494 (13.2 percent)
Rebate: $4,000
Price: $45,494


0 DAS, Nj taxes rolled in 6.875 percent

Asked dealer if he could get to 18 percent off before incentives for a payment of 500 or less everything rolled in. Is there more room?

I’ve seen much larger discounts on BMW loaners, so perhaps wait till end of month.

Also FYI NJ sales tax is 6.625%


I’ve been looking as well and best offer was 12% before incentives a few days ago. I asked for 20% but they didn’t budge much.

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With the miles you’d be better off finding a new at 12% off, keep looking or wait.


I am also looking for 340i’s loaners in NY/NJ area not getting much traction. I find the dealers are pricing them as if they are new cars. My lease ends in July so I have time to wait to end of Model Year or when the 2019 M340 hits in April.

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If you can get that selling price down to $10k under MSRP, it’ll be worth swiping up.