Federal Rebates on PHEVs?

So I know most deals on full electrics include $7500 federal rebates, and there are alos possibly state incentives when you file taxes, but do PHEVs like the Ioniq or Prius Prime get any federal incentives? I’ve read quite a bit here but most deals I’ve seen are on full electrics and not PHEVs.

Almost all do. Based on battery size.


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Thanks so much. Looks to be about $4500 for most. Do the rebates for these work the same way as say the bolt or a 500e where it’s just money factored directly into the price of the deal, or is it one of those things you have to file for when doing taxes?

With leases, you don’t get ANY federal EV rebate. The bank (owner of the vehicle) can pass on none/some/all of the federal rebate as an incentive if they choose to do so.

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Would that be the normal lease cash and incentives, or something else? For instance there’s a $3250 lease cash offer for the Prius Prime, I’m guessing that’s passing on some of the federal rebates to customers?

Totally up to the leasing company. Some offer it (or part of it) as lease cash, some offer it in MF reduction, some lift up the residual with it and others keep it altogether

OK thanks so much. Yeah, it looks like there’s absolutely no incentives on the Ioniq PHEV at the moment so it’s about $100 more/mo than the hybrid.