Federal EV tax credit overhaul

That is his knowledge, for his benefit.

Let’s always be clear about that.

He’s moving metal with less-informed consumers who need him to become aware of this stuff.

You don’t want to be that type of consumer.


I still believe there’s ethical sales people out there. It is possible to make a buck selling cars while being honest and transparent with customers. Rare but possible :wink:

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Still doesn’t matter. They can be ethical or not. Still no need to even get into the conversation.

I don’t think it’s that rare. I’ve had more good experiences than bad ones; it’s just the bad ones that stick out.

With that said, I’ve never really shopped for a Kia, Hyundai, Honda or Chevrolet. So there’s that.

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Are we talking about knowledge or ethics?

Are there sales people who know there things (eg changes to EV tax credit)? Yes. It’s not the majority.

This industry exists on information asymmetry (something LH tries to correct for), and it IS ethical in a sales negotiation to withhold information that is to your benefit, if the other party doesn’t know.

A good sales person is up on their industry and anything they can use to persuade you. Own a business and shopping for a 6000lb car? Section 179 might help (or not — they aren’t your CPA).

An informed customer goes in understanding these things and what is best for them.



Hey all,

I have been communicating with the MB and Audi dealers these days to get rid of my iX50. Just wanted to share that Mercedes confirmed that they offer upfront discount of $7,500 on EQ series cars. That makes a bit more attractive for the US-Made (or Mexico) PHEV cars with somewhat affordable MSRP. If MSRP is too high, you have to pay 7ish % apr, then it’s too expensive either way… (at least to me) 530e, Q5e, BOLT, Lyric (they are trying to convince the US government that Lyriq is a SUV, not a car).

I think this EV credit thing can help the customers.

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“In the case of a lease, the dealer would receive the commercial credit, not the person leasing the vehicle, and it would be up to the dealer to pass those savings on to the consumer. If a dealer does pass the savings along, drivers could get a tax credit on a car made outside North America, such as the popular Hyundai Ioniq 5.”

No no: appreciate the tip. but there have been hundreds of posts about section 45

I’m curious why you’re trying to get rid of your iX already

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Oh, thanks! We have a new baby… and the IX is too small… Just some practical reasons. Also the car depreciates too quickly in my opinion. A local dealer (volume dealer) has 9 iX50s on their lot. No one shows interest somehow. I think the removal of 7500 made people look something else.

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Fixed that for you. The Dealer has no control over the rebate, the Bank does, they own the car in a lease after all.

Consumerreports is incorrect in their description here


Do you have more than 3 or more kids now so looking at 3 row options? Because I cannot imagine how a family would not comfortably fit in an iX if they have two or fewer kids…

Sorry a little off topic but interested if anyone is looking into this.

2023 Federal Credit seems to include 4k back for used ev vehicles.

In California we also currently have 4k back form SCE (income dependent)

With my 2020 ioniq lease almost up I’m wondering if I can talk my local Hyundai dealer into selling my car back to me for a small profit over my super low residual of $16k. Even if I paid $20k including tax to the dealer it could end up as a $12k car.

Nope, you cant claim the used credit on a lease buyout. Since youre the one that put the vehicle into service new, youre not eligible for the used credit on it.

My local dealer bought 6+ used iXs last month for well under invoice. Not sure what is going on with them…they’re a blast to drive. I was tempted to buy one but I’m also concerned about the depreciation. I’m hoping BMW will eventually use their $7500 tax credit towards a lease rebate or inflated residual.

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bmw sold about 4800 last year, 2/3 in the last half. personally I think they’re heinous, but I didn’t wait in line to buy one. For something that people waited for, and likely overpaid for, that lost its tax credit in q3 (which must skew mmr), I’m slightly surprised people are over them already.

Why do you think I’m able to discount them already? :grin:


I don’t think this is just a BMW problem. My two local Benz dealers both have a lot of EQ inventory. One dealer has a total of 33 vehicles in stock, 19 of them are EQ models. The other dealer is a bit larger, they have 96 vehicles in stock, 41 of them are EQ models. Most of them have been sitting there for months.

Those are new ones though. You aren’t personally up to your eyebrows in $90k of chunky, rechargeable Decepticon

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