Fed tax rebate, how it's used in california

Can I get anyone’s experience with leasing i3 in California in regards to the $7500 tax rebate?

Does it differ from dealer to dealer? I had one offer that had the tax rebate used as a way to pay the fees and the remainder applied to reduce the cap cost (roughly 4500 left over). I’ve had another dealer say take both rebates (10k ttl) and cut it off the price (did not specify if it was MSRP or Sales Price). I’m not sure what to expect, and needless to say, makes quite a difference.

any info is appreciated.

The BMW FS gets the $7.5k tax rebate then pass that to you as $7.5k lease credit. It’s taxable so you should put that to Taxed Incentives when using the lease calculator (https://leasehackr.com/calculator). It does bring the price down but you have to pay tax for the $7.5k. It doesn’t make much sense to me if the dealer said it pays the fees.

You will get the $2.5k CA rebate back in a check after leasing the car. It has nothing to do with the dealer or BMW FS. There are some income cap on the rebate, but most people gets $2.5k. Also, you need to lease the car for at least 30 months to get the rebate.

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