💯 February Updated (2/4) , NYCLIFE, BEST LEASEHACKR Volvo Deals CRAZY DEMOS, [NY/NJ/PA/CT]

V60 starting at 369+ tax


You have to put the DAS amount in the title or take out the monthly numbers from the title.

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I went and shopped a GLI today because I’m interested even though I know it would be bad. $400 a month with $3000 DAS. Why would anyone do something like that when there are Volvos like this. Lawd, do I ask myself.

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What color is the demo S60 T6?

I would love to jump in a XC60 or XC90 but have 21 months left on a 2018 Tiguan SEL.

Hey is there a college grad discount on these?

No there isn’t!

Do they do out of state deals?
I’m in Oregon.

You won’t ship from MA but will from NY?


@Ursus Oops, I thought this was a west coast deal sheet.

My scope and cars have changed so much in the past few days, LH is to blame for this!
I also just saw that Infiniti offers loyalty of $1500. I never received a code in the mail though. Maybe because I thought I was set on not getting an Infiniti.

Ignorance is bliss. :-X

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Are the S60s 2019 or 2020 models?

2019 models

Lowered prices on the 2020 XC90 T5. 359+tax, best in the tri-state


Any 2020 XC90 Inscriptions - 6 passenger yet?

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what color is the 2020 XC90 T5 ?

Sent a PM with questions…

Hi Quentin, Curious what colors ext/int you have on the 3 XC90s. Also, do you have a reliable shipper.


XC60 update:

350+ tax, T6 Momentum
403+ tax, T6 R-design, 62k msrp


279+ tax, T6 AWD momentum, 41k msrp

Hey Q

I currently have an xc 90 t6 mom with 7 months left.

Whats the best way to jump on one of you deals getting rid of my currently lease?

Wait for another month for 6 months pull ahead