🔥 FEBRUARY Jeep Deals (CDJR) - 2024 Grand Cherokee 4xe $370/mo w/ $2999 DAS w/ Loyalty | $299 Svc Fee expires 1/17

Which Feb sheet are you referring to? You can no longer order 2024 Rams, only 2025s. If anyone wants to order a 2025 now, we can do it and use the same order discount, however there are no lease programs to lock in and the online builder isn’t up yet. You can build a 2024 and we can confirm the MSRP for the 2025 order with our dealer case by case, so a little clunky but if anyone wants to order one we can absolutely do it and lock in the MSRP and discount!

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The link is to different car
Please fix it.


Jeep did program updates yesterday and our calculators pull realtime program data, might have caused a bug during the update - will review and fix the links!


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Hi there, any GC L Limited in stock?

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Use code ‘4XE4ME’ at checkout for $299 Service Fee

Offer expires 2/17 @ Midnight

Ram 1500 deals ?

We posted some Ram 1500 deals our dealer in FL is trying to move at up to 18% off, we can ship up from FL. If you like one, submit an inquiry and our rep Nathan can get you a custom quote for your exact zip/taxes!


Will check it out. How much is shopping to NJ? And whereabout in FL? Depending where pickup could be an option.

Cannot disclose location of our dealer, but shipping to NJ should be $1,099 for a Ram currently. It isn’t in the Panhandle nor South Florida if that helps at all in considering the drive.


Fair enough. I spend time in Del Ray, so if it’s within an hour or so, might work.

I sent DM re specific vehicle

Hello @AutoNinjas I’m looking for Jeep GC 4XE deal in Texas. Please share the latest available lease deal for next week.

@AutoNinjas …any new deals on the Dodge Hornet?

Big shout to Nathan @ autoninjas. He got me the exact GL L Limited I wanted, and took my existing lease out of my hands, with a significantly better bottom line than my local Jeep dealer.

Professional, patient and responsive throughout. Thank you Nathan! A pleasure to work with you. I’ll refer you to anyone!

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I am looking for the best deals for 2024 Wrangler 4x4 sport on $0 down lease

Please start by submitting an inquiry!