February Infiniti Q50 Lease Deal - Actual Numbers?

My local infiniti dealer is advertising a 2015 Q50 for $259/month with $2818 due at signing plus taxes and gov’t fees on a 39/10k lease.

Does anyone have the rest of the numbers (MF and Residual)? Also, is this a good deal, I’m guessing it is and was thinking it would break down to roughly $400/mo with $0 down including tax, which is exactly how much I want to spend on my next car - I’m a current Lexus leasee and wondering if I can get any discounts on TOP of these, or if anyone has seen deals in this price range on the other cars in this class (S3, is350, i335, etc.)?

Thanks! I’ve really enjoyed this site and everyone’s information.

In New York I got offered $399 per month including all taxes for a 39 month lease 12,000 miles per with premium plus navigation.