February 2017 Chevy Volt LT Lease Deal Colorado - How does this look?

Dealer says they’re losing $1000 on this car and absolutely can’t do better than this deal. Says California gets way better rebates b/c they sell about 4x more volts.

What do you think?


$1,000 down and $314 per month?

I thought the lease cash back is standard from GM. Not sure if it’s on CA only. If you have another lease it’s around 7350$ without 6850$
Also why is doc fee so much. Should be around 80$
Seems like you have to drive to CA to save 10k.
Bottom line in February I found it to be around 255$ with 0 down.

He said the rebates are different but I’m not sure of the exact differences.

Seems like a garbage deal though. :frowning:

CARB states (CA, OR, NY, etc.) have an additional $2,250 in rebates.

All states have $4,610 lease cash + targeted incentives ($500 lease conquest/loyalty and $500 Farm Bureau).

The selling price looks good – $3,500 off it’s comparable to what you can get from a California dealer. But with the whopping $499 dealer fee, it’s really closer to $3,000 off. In CA, doc fees are capped at $80 by law.

wow thanks for the info Michael, this is great to know!