FCA and PSA to merge?!?!?!?

That would be, er, fascinating to say the least. And I guess it’d give PSA an easy dealer network, rather than having to rebuild from scratch.

Opel goes from GM to FCA, just as they become profitable under PSA.


Does PSA sell anything outside France?

Coming in 2023: The Peugeot Cimarron


Ah, the pinnacle of reliability. French, Italian, and the decaying remnants of Chrysler.

I can’t wait to see this…


They plan to… Whether anyone in the US wants to buy it is a different matter…

Almost verbatim what I said to my Dad earlier. Like they’re intentionally trying to produce the worst quality cars possible.


It’s a competition with the Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance

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Drove a Peugeot C4 Spacetourer in Italy on the Amalfi coast and in Naples earlier this month. It was a blast to drive a 6 speed diesel medium sized car/minivan on the mountains and coast. It made our Odyssey feel like a suburban. Driving it in Naples was insanity. Made worse by the fact that when we drove back at night I realized the headlights were both aimed down 10 feet in front of the car. Half the blocks in Naples had the street lights out. I could not see a thing. Car was less than a year old with 15 kilometers. Either it rolled off the factory like that or had been wrecked. Didn’t see any paint or gaps up front. I chalked it up to it being a Peugeot. Other than that I was fairly impressed with ride, features, build quality, etc…

Yeah, the thing is that Americans in general haven’t shown a propensity to want to buy quirky, European, small-ish, highly space-efficient (or fuel-efficient) cars that have a distinct minivan profile…

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The Peugeot 308 Estate we rented in France had a headlight aim adjust knob tucked away on the dash close to the door. Maybe there was one you didn’t see?

It very well could have. It had messaging cloth seats which were no more than the lumbar support going in and out…LOL

Also had a 90’s Toyota Previa style windshield and the sun visor could slide backwards about a foot to reveal more glass right about your head. It was awesome to look up at an 80 degree angle to see the cliffs and mountains above on the coast. Super quirky feature that I loved.

There was one feature that drove me nuts, and was not safe at all. If you stalled the car you could not push in the clutch and hit the push button start. It wanted the car to be stopped. I have not liked push button starts in other manual transmission cars and this was another thing I despised. Plus I am assuming you have no way of rolling off the car for a dead battery and hoping the clutch.

Cool Car though and very spacious comfortable and I got to row my own with the right arm while using the left leg. I miss my manual transmissions…

They build and sell cars that fit the European Roads. In the US they build and sell cars that fit US roads. The space difference in the width of roadways feels like almost double. That is why European cars have to handle so tightly. There is not lot of margin for error before you hit someone or ride off the road. In the States there is 4 feet at least on each side, you can have a giant boat wallowing all over the road and not hit anything.

My 2018 Accord requires the electronic e brake on to restart after it stalls. Imagine how fking long it took me to figure that sh*t out the ONE time I stalled it in traffic. Talk about embarrassing!! Granted the message in the cluster was telling me this but I wasn’t exactly paying attention to it with the COMPLETE PANIC I was facing.

No more downhill clutch starts in 2019…


Kidding aside, I wouldn’t mind one of those DS Citroens.

Take the panic you faced stalling in traffic and throw it in a large oblong downtown Italian traffic circle with 3’ish lanes of traffic going 8 different ways. Push button starts on manuals is a total mistake, unless all you need to have is the clutch pushed in. Really that is all you need. If the clutch is on the floor the damn thing should fire right up.


The S2K is like the first push button start car, but it’s a legit ignition switch. If you push it while the car is on it will spin the starter :laughing:

As it should be. You will get the squeelllch grind noise of shame and everyone will now you have made the dumbass mistake of trying to start your car when it is already on.

Back to this PSA business I would very much like to see the Alpine sold here. The thing looks sweet!!!

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So their cars are going to get worse? Love to see it.

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Just when you thought the dumpster fire couldn’t get any worse…