Fantastic Deal on a Chevy Spark πŸ€”πŸ™„ ideas?

Hi everyone. I had a very difficult time getting any quote from dealers via the Internet. All of them wanted me to come in.

So here is either a Lease or Finance on a Chevy Spark.

This is based on no money down and my measly FICO of 623 in NJ.

Here is the cut and paste:

"Lease for 39 months, 10,000 miles per year and no money out of pocket= $416

Buy for 72 months with 0% financing and no money out of pocket= $264

Both payments are pending credit approval from the bank. They include tax, tags, all fees and available rebates."

zoiks, sign me up!

Any suggestions?

Over $16k to lease a Spark for 39 months? No way.

I know, right? :joy: That’s just out there.

You are better off buying a used car if you have the cash of course. They just want to keep you and your score as far as possible from the dealership unless they can rape you :frowning:

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@Randy_Haddox1 can help. Based in Texas.