Family SUV under 500 in MN

Trying to figure a SUV for a growing family. I’m pretty tall and need some headroom. Thinking: Pilot, Traverse, Acadia, maybe Tundra. Any other to consider? Hylander, 4Runner and Cherokee are too small for me.

Here are a bunch of random ones: Nissan Armada, Infiniti Q60 or Q80, Palisade/Telluride, Explorer, Tahoe, Expedition

Many of those aren’t going to be doable under $500/mo

Acura MDX may be good? My brother thought it would be too small, but he after getting it, he says they drive it more than their GLS because its more functional for 3 kids.

I’m 6’5 and used to drive a Grand Cherokee. Now I have an E300 (kinda tight, would not recommend), and now a GLE on order. You can probably get a great deal on a Grand Cherokee. You should also consider a pre-owned Tahoe or possibly a Tahoe loaner (not sure if 500 is doable but should be pretty close).

Consider the VW Atlas

Just get a buick… if shaq can do it, so can you :slight_smile: just don’t have anyone sitting behind you haha


Have you looked at a Dodge Durango?

You can do all the Toyota’s on your list under 500. Message me if interested. Can ship it to you and still be under $500