Family Expanding and Looking for 3-row SUV

Any suggestions, recommendations and ideas? We are on a budget, and we gotta keep this under $300 for a lease in Florida

Nissan Rogue. Really cant beat it for a 3rd row when price is a consideration. I leased one in LA for $212 inc tax with a $500 sign and drive.

Thank you for that. My brother just got one too in Cali close to that price. However, I read the 3rd row is very small and leave almost no cargo space in the trunk, is that true?

I saw a Chevy traverse 2017 LT on honcker app

Central NJ zip code
Msrp 37450
$1300 due at signing
$215 per month including taxes
24 months/10000miles per year

Thanks. We saw a Traverse a few months ago, it didnt feel too smooth to drive.

Yes, there is not a huge amount of cargo space once the third row is up. However your growing family are probably not all 6 foot yet so there is certainly enough room for the little ones in the rear seats.

Failing that, it was possible to get a highlander for under $300 a month a while back but I think those deals have gone.

Have a look here

Useful list, I think the Buick Enclave can be had pretty cheaply.

I understand we are LEASEhackrs and that OP mentioned they are on a budget- but I must say- the new upcoming Honda Odyssey is worth looking into and on top of that, Honda offers 0.0% financing from time to time.

In addition the upcoming of the 2018s (scheduled in late March 2017) could help you score a great deal on a 2017.

In the very LONG run- you can save some serious dough. I still drive my 2003 Honda Odyssey 183,000+ original miles. I’ve only had to fix the passenger window and starter… Absolutely love that car- the drive, the reliability-- of course, this is only if you are interested in a minivan


… which is the type of car we should have if we need 3 rows. Crossovers just aren’t as good as minivans at hauling people. The only non-crossover, non-minivan that does well at that is the Ford Transit Connect, which is a shockingly good vehicle to drive.

I guess it depends if using the 3rd row is a daily thing or once a month thing. If it is daily then you should look for a full time 7 seater, a car designed to have 7 seats all the time. Not a 5 seater which can occasionally hold 7 people.


Highlander LE or Pathfinder SV

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Our lease on our 2015 Honda CRV is up in 17 months , I’ll be definitely looking at the 2018 Odyssey

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The '18 Odyssey is pretty awesome- it’s like being in the cockpit of a 747 (intercoms, inner passenger cameras, games etc.).

Checkout the new Acadia, picked up one for my wife a few months ago. Room for all the kiddos, really fun to drive, Apple car play, all the latest safety features and with good residuals and incentives, it leased really well.

I really like the Acadia, but I havent driven it yet. I want to look into it

Nope…not at all! Im in Buick enclave (2014). If you want AWD , its leather pkg and its at least 450 plus tax.Its a rip off because the car is really outdated!

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