Fall 2020 Costco Incentives - $1,250 Volvo XC series; $1,000 Chevy

October 1, 2020 – January 4, 2021
Get behind the wheel of a Volvo and experience luxury, style and performance. Eligible Costco members who purchase or lease a new Volvo model by January 4, 2021, can combine:‡
A member-only bonus of $1,250 on a new 2020 or 2021 XC40, XC60 or XC90

To qualify for the Volvo Costco member-only bonus during the Costco Auto Program Savings Event, you must: (1) be a current Costco member on or before September 30, 2020; (2) register with Costco Auto Program online or through its call center to receive a certificate with your unique promotion code; (3) present your certificate and unique promotion code to a Volvo dealership at time of visit; (4) take delivery of a new 2020 or 2021 Volvo XC40, XC60 or XC90 between October 1, 2020, and January 4, 2021, to receive a $1,250 Costco member-only bonus. The member-only bonus will be applied at time of purchase or lease, and is compatible with other eligible Volvo incentives for which the Costco member qualifies under the individual program rules. Factory orders, demonstrator vehicles, and retired courtesy car vehicles (“service loaner vehicles”) are excluded from the Costco member-only bonus during the Costco Auto Program Savings Event. Only one (1) promotion code allowed per vehicle. Limit two (2) promotion codes per membership. Subject to change without notice.


Confirmed, just texted my NorCal Volvo, Factory orders, demonstrator vehicles, and retired courtesy car vehicles (“service loaner vehicles”) are excluded, stackable with other incentives though so not totally useless if looking at new.

Stackability of incentives, I didn’t ask yet.

Also $1000 incentive for all Chevy/GMC products. $3000 on bolt, also stackable with qualifiable incentives.

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Too bad I was expecting $700 cash card to stack with $3,000 Bolt haha

The same as a-plan, so I wonder if this offer limits to invoice discount.

Looks like there’s no need to have the Costco Executive membership? It’s good for all levels?

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:rotating_light::rotating_light: COSTCO VOLVO IS BACK! :rotating_light::rotating_light:


Just a friendly PSA:
Costco is offering $1,250 off XC40, XC60, and XC90 models until January 4th!
Costco is also offering $1,000 on Chevrolet trucks and SUV’s. (Suburban, Tahoe, Blazer, Trailblazer, Colorado, Silverado, Traverse) This is in addition to the $3,000 on the bolt.

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And Men’s Wearhouse is having a sale on short-sleeved suits.


This is so much more than a monthly mattress sale: the Costco gods were not to bless us with Volvo :money_with_wings: until next Spring. They have struck down the First Responder incentive and replaced with something simpler to administer, that also comes with a $5 rotisserie chicken (one of which I got my dog last night).


How do we find the current factory lease incentives on 2020 models? When I go to the Volvo site and calculate payment, I only have the option for 2021 models.

The Volvo website always lags the program changes. I’d ask Edmunds or wait.

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Hush don’t give my pup ideas. She already gets home made yogurt.


Play with the URL on the zip code page


Only $1500 on 2020 V90s, but $4250 on 2020 V60s. I don’t see loyalty listed though on 2020s, V60 hacking season would be back in full swing if you could stack loyalty+Costco+dealer cash.

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Costco looks like it’s only the SUVs this time: XC40/60/90. So yes lease cash and loyalty on wagons and sedans, sadly no Costco.

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@Benedetto says $2000 on wagons

I was wrong - just looked at the program sheet again.

Only Costco on XC platform.


And Conquest or incentives besides loyalty on S60’s?

I just signed up and the certificate and it says it is for a T5 Momentum. Is that right? The fine print doesn’t limit it to that.