Fair cash price for a 2017 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD?

Hey guys,

My company is thinking about buying a 2017 toyota Sienna XLE AWD, no leasing or financing. It’ll be paid up front. MSRP is $39,480. What would be a fair selling price? Thanks

Toyota so:
Not less than 10% off
Even at the most outrageous of sales tax / fees / etc
Less than MSRP OTD


is pretty close to on the money here.

It’s not likely you get the whole $4k off sticker, (pre rebates) though.

Also depends on the part of the country.

Thanks guys. I’m in NYC. I was thinking that $35k OTD would be a “fair” price, I guess that’s realistic amount.

35k with tax OTD?

I don’t think that’s likely…unless they’ve got super rebates.

No tax, it’s a tax exempt organization. That makes the 35k possible, right?

I don’t know how your state runs the program.

Best to talk with a fleet dept of a Toyota store.

You’re buying through fleet anyways.

The Mayor is buying cars on leasehackr for his city/town? Wow

No problem at > 10% off

anything for my constituents :smiley:

Not sure if you’re willing to try and get a 2016 XLE instead of a 2017, but my mom got a 2015 XLE in 2015 just after the 2016 came out. The MSRP was around 42000 (XLE FWD 7 passenger) and she negotiated it down to 31000 sales price not including fees and taxes. She lives in South Carolina though and your state might not offer that much of a discount. Not sure if she’s just great at haggling or just got lucky with a dealer but I think you might get a lot more car for cheaper if you go back a model year. 2017 XLE isn’t really any different from the 2016 XLE.