Factoring Lease Cash, CVRP, and Federal Tax Credits into the Calculator

I’m still having trouble getting my LeaseHackr Calculator numbers to match my hand calculations and dealer offers. So three questions:

  • What field do you enter lease cash into?
  • What field do you enter the $2500 CRVP into?
  • What field do you enter the $7500 Federal Tax rebate into?

Are these all Taxed Incentives?

CVRP is a Post-Sale Rebate, so you can input it there. It’s essentially a mail-in rebate that you receive from CA after you take delivery, and it’s not something that involves the dealer.

As for your first and third question, it depends on the brand. What vehicle are you looking at?

Presently I’m working on a Nissan Leaf.
Because apparently I missed all the sweet deals on i3s and Ioniqs.

San Diego is actually a test market right now for CVRP to be used at time of sale!

I have applied and I am waiting back to hear from them, it must be used via approved dealers in San Diego at time of sale, some good info for SD socal lease seekers