F150 Raptor 2022 RV MF lookup for ALLYBANK


Can anyone provide me a RV MF for a 2022 Raptor F150 working on a potential deal for myself

60173 IL RV MF ALLY bank

36/10 39/10

I don’t know the MF but the RV is 63 (no diff on 36 or 39)

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Don’t have this info either, but I think anytime anyone anywhere has ever looked at leasing a Raptor the numbers come back terrible when compared to financing.

Just something to think about unless you have a specific use case where you have to lease (work stipend, write off, etc.)

I was thinking he’s flipping it, but this is ally, no flips allowed.

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ally flips are impossible

btw it’s 7.39% or .00308?
I might have gotten the state wrong. but that’s what I saw

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hmm ballpark figure isn’t bad to work off of


Your prolly much better off with a CU ballon loan

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Why not buy it ? 8% vs a lower Apr from a CU from the thread here plus no acquisition fee

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dealing with CU is a pita but i might switch to it 8% is way too high



64% for 36 and 39 10K


63% for 36 and 39 10K


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