F150 Lariat Lease

Sorry cleaning the post up.

MSRP $59,515 (before package discounts)
Selling price $53963.06
Add to cap? 939.99

Rebates $3550 (includes private offer $3000)
Total tax window? 1595.16

Adjusted selling $50,753.05

Sign and drive $533.92


Good to know RV is based on original msrp, not blue box msrp. I thought Lariat RV was 2% higher than XLT. Is your lease term 36/15? On the f150 pricing forum, their target dealer savings is 10-12% off blue box msrp before any rebates. It looks like you are 9% off original msrp. Another thing to look for is aged inventory. There might be an extra discount for vehicles manufactured before Feb 2018.

Yes 36/15.

Should the target discount be off the bottom MSRP? After the package discounts?

I am in the Kansas City metro so there are a ton of dealerships and a lot of inventory within a 50 mile radius.

Do you need a lariet? Loaded XLT can probably save you 100 per month

Lariat has 2k loyalty or conquest cash

Ah, rebates in my area we’re on the XLT.

I have another lease through Chrysler capital and US Bank, I didn’t see the conquest rebate…

I. The f150 pricing thread, the 10-12% was off the blue box/discounted msrp. So if the original msrp was 52,500 and there were 2500 in package discounts on the sticker, the blue box msrp would be 50,000. Target dealer discount would be 5000 to 6000 off blue box, or 44,000 to 45,000, so 7500 or 8500 off original msrp.

Need… no, I do like the keyless entry and push button start as well as the easy exit with power tilt column…

I am looking at XLT also, I saw the pricing someone posted on the other thread

Is that national? What counts as a conquest vehicle?

I am going to pull the trigger today or tomorrow on this deal just want to be sure this is correct.

If I find a truck with a higher MSRP with $2500 in package discounts my target selling price should be 10-12% off of the lower blue box MSRP correct?

So a truck with $2500 in package discounts should in theory lease better?

Correct. The most package discounts I have seen on a single vehicle is 2500. The other key thing is to ensure the dealer is giving you the 10-12% off before the 3000 private offer. There is a recommendation to negotiate in ghost mode and then spring it on them at the end, so they dont try to bake it into their dealer savings.

So with that PCO, how is that treated to the dealer? Are they reimbursed by Ford or does this impact their profit on the sale?

According to the f150 thread, its 3k straight from Ford and the dealer gets a SPIF for applying it. [Its just some dealers want to maximize profit…]

Yeah, thanks. Like the OP, I’m working on an F-150 lease and haven’t dropped the PCO bomb yet. Wanted to make sure I knew the specifics in case I get pushback.

Thanks guys.

I did some negotiating with another dealer last night who was very up front and honest about the numbers. We got to ~$370 sign and drive at 12% off MSRP on a $51K truck with only $750 in package discounts.

Less rebates here in Kansas but I am going to shoot for $349 sign and drive on the one above

That sale price is 2k over invoice. On the lariat.