F150 Ad not adding up

I’m trying to add up the numbers here and the ad is WAY lower than any numbers I can create with incentives etc… the fine print is pretty self explanatory and isn’t any help.

Anyways residual for this unit at 24 months is 63%… money factor of 0.35%

There is 2000-2500 customer cash plus 1000 conquest… even with those it’s still not enough discount to get their price

Essentially the ad is 356+tax zero down… I have a 3k code that I can apply which would take it down to about 240… now that’s a lease hack!! Only problem is the numbers don’t add up to the deal they present

It says $4750 due, your zero down number sounds right though. Where did you get the $3k pco, from someone on the F150 forum? I think I played with this ad, it was something crazy like 14% discount or something.

Ya there is a guy on the f150 forum that can get you the code.

If you’re in the market for one of these, I think it’s a good time. I keep getting tempted but don’t need to do anything until March, I think the sweet spot is the STX with the 2.7

If I can get one under $300. It’s almost dumb not to do the deal :joy:

Would you please PM more details on this? I’d really like to get the PCO and it would save me some time sifting through the forums.


Can you PM me the details on this also?


Just follow the instructions on his post. I got mine in my email the next morning

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Thanks! how do i find out where the MF and residual? I looked on edmonds and I cant seem to find one for the Ford f150 in the forums.

Yup. if you can get a 3k code and apply it to 24 months, that’s like 130 dollars off the payment …
So that would make a great deal.

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Unless you already have 6 LH deals in your driveway lol


Anyone create a deal here yet? I have a brother looking to possibly lease a Ford F150 and I just requested the PCO for 3k. At these rates, it might make it possible for a sub 200/mo truck payment. Anyone have success yet?

Depends on how much you can get down and what trim you get. I’ve gotten an xlt with 55k msrp down to high 300s with 1k DAS. Honestly with rebates and dealer discount total around 15-16k I plan on purchasing (rebates are about 4-5k more purchasing than leasing depending on trim. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet though.

how are you getting the money to insure all your cars? I mean aren’t they expensive. my insurance is almost as much as my car payment (lease payment I mean )
like its 150 insurance on a 200/ month car payment. ridiculous
so I spend all day shopping and now I can’t even justify it anymore.
its like those airplane tickets in Europe where you pay 11$ for the ticket and then you can’t use the free online check in so then you have to go to the airport to check in where they charge you some 85$ handling fee

do the tundra or Toyota

depends on what region are you in?

I have a good driving record and I am doing 50-60 a month per car. I also increase my deductibles to lower the rate - rather than 500 deductible, I have 2k …

Insurance doesn’t go up that much per car. Logic being you can only drive one at a time. Most expensive car sets the baseline and then some additional fee per car. Only caveat would be simething like a 707hp Charger. Those tend to be driven a bit recklessly so will be more than a nominal charge to add to insurance.

Insurance costs aren’t terrible. I currently pay $480 every 6 months for 2 vehicles. One with full coverage and the other liability only. However looking at a new f150 to replace my liability only car my insurance would go up a little over $50 a month.