F-Type Lease 2018 Model

First post so would appreciate any insight. So I have spent the past few weeks doing some research and speaking with some dealers, received my first offer yesterday and was hoping to get some advice on if anybody has started their search yet for the 2018 or has actually found a dealer on the west coast who is willing to offer any deals that compare to the great 2017 deals that were available last year. My first offer is below and any feedback would be much appreciated.

2018 Jaguar F-TYPE 340HP
36 months 10,000 miles
$0 out of pocket $745 (Including Tax)
$3,500 out of pocket $640 (Including Tax)
$6,500 out of pocket $555 (Including Tax)
Dealer Price:$71,158.00
Dealer disccount:$7,530.00
Your Price:$62,128.00

Jaguar Mission Viejo had an offer for 6000 DAS and $398 per month

@Ananas I’m guessing that was on the I4 model and not the V6 model that the OP is quoting?

I just checked and looks like that specific car is gone but it was a v6 with 71000 msrp. I couldn’t get approved for a second loan or I would’ve got it

Really tough to get good F-Type deals on leases (see the thread I posted) so if you find one, grats! The one at Viejo would have been crazy. I contacted them previously but couldn’t negotiate. Best time was really end of the Jag year when they were putting out some crazy offers. Best I’ve seen is $550 a month for a similar setup.

You think 18 base 2.0 coupes will get to sub 500 by year end?