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Didn’t think I would be able to get the lease terms I wanted for this beauty at a good deal, but Sam made it happen! Sam was super flexible and listened to exactly what I wanted, and gave me different options for certain specifications. Thank you so much Sam @EZAutoGroup ! Think I’ll spend the night in my Audi A5 Sportback tonight :heart_eyes:


Congratulations On one beautiful A5! Enjoy the car in good health Hai! @TaterTawt

Easiest and quickest deal I’ve ever done. Super happy with my new 2020 A4!

Hit up Sam @EZAutoGroup over the weekend and signed a deal the same day. He was responsive, professional, and above all gave me the best prices- could not recommend him enough.

Excited to be a part of the Audi club!


Congratulations on the car Albert! Enjoy it in good health! Let us know if you need anything! Thank you for the great feedback! @albeezy

I just got my new Jeep Gladiator from Sam at EZ Auto Group.

I have to say after personally spending 7 years in the car business myself I’ve never met a broker as efficient and transparent as Sam.

I sent Sam a text letting him know the year, make model, options and colors I wanted along with what I thought was a pretty aggressive lease expectation

Within maybe an hour Sam had located the exact car I wanted and was only a few dollars short of my unrealistic expectations!

The dealer delivered to my house and it took maybe 5 minutes to sign all the papers and to have my new Gladiator in the driveway.

I usually don’t recommend going through a broker… but in this case I couldn’t imagine getting a car any other way.

Thanks Sam for your help!

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Thank you for the great feedback Cole! Congratulations on your new car! @colevandee

My experience getting a 2020 Kia Forte LXS was excellent, flawless, seamless and most importantly relaxing and comfortable. No silly dealership games.

What did Sam @EZAutoGroup help me secure and win?
2020 Kia Forte LXS
26/15k 2k DAS Unbeatable price

On Aug 31 (when dealerships were super busy that is normal given month end), I had contacted Sam in the morning around 9am and in less than 3 hours Sam found my car that met my specs and price point. Sam asked when the car could be delivered and on providing a time the car was at my home precisely on time. There was no unnecessary back and forth, awkward moments and up sells — this meant I was confident and relaxed knowing Sam had my back and had done all the due diligence in advance. I not only got back hours in my day in these busy times, but also got the best deal available, and I know this after shopping for over a week.

Sam’s execution, transparency and seamless process are top notch and second to none. He was also extremely professional and polite throughout from beginning to end. Sam and his team go above and beyond and I hope EZ Auto Group only grows from strength to strength for years to come.

EZ Auto Group is a game changer that commands love and respect. I cannot stress Sam’s flawless execution, transparency, pricing and how easy he made the entire process. Make sure you see Sam Thanks!

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Want to give a huge shout out to Sam for helping me get into a Jeep Gladiator. I was trying to do it on my own, thinking since I’ve purchased many cars in the past at what I thought were great deals, why couldn’t I do it again. This time no dealers were willing to work with me on a Gladiator. So I said, what the heck, let me reach out to Sam and see what he could do. I’m sure like many others, the thought of working with brokers is something you would never consider. Boy was I wrong. Sam got exactly what I asked for within a few hours. Even got the dealer to send me an Uber, and I live 90 miles away. He was a pleasure to deal with and with no BS.

Again, thanks Sam and I’ll be reaching out again after this lease is up!


Thank you for the great feedback Bryan! Congratulations on the car, enjoy it in good health!

So this is actually my first time leasing a car, and I will admit I was hesitant at first since I’m not too familiar with the whole process but Sam really pulled through. Not only did he get me a great deal on the Kia Forte GT, but he got the car to me really fast.

I couldn’t have ask for a better experience and I really want to thank Sam again for making this whole process genuine, quick and easy. Definitely recommending him to any friends who need a car and I will be getting in touch again for a car in the future!

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Thank you for the great feedback Tyler! Congratulations on the car again. Enjoy in good health!

Sam is the man. I couldn’t decide on the right car for me but Sam was helpful and supportive throughout the process. He’s patient, and offered the best deals I could find. I would 100% recommend him to anyone.


Thanks for the great feedback Kobe! Congratulations on your new car!

Very quick easy process. Filled out the credit application & got approved, met up with him at dealer and no surprises, deal was exactly as stated, signed and drove away!

Thanks for getting it done! Love the wolf gray with red interior K5 !

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Thank you for the feedback Eduardo! Congratulation on the one hell of a spec!!

A huge shout out to Sam for helping me get into a brand new 2020 Audi Q5 E, which is the 4th car I got from leasehackr.

I saw his post on Monday morning and we texted back and forth and confirmed all the terms and prices. He was so nice and answered all my paranoid questions. On Tuesday, after some paperworks, I was planning to go to the dealership to pick up the car myself but Sam was super nice and offered delivery. So basically I leased a car without even going out of my house (not exactly since we signed the paperwork on my driveway…), and the car was delivered to my doorstep the next day! It’s definitely faster than Amazon Prime.

It was so quick and smooth that with the keys already in my hand, I was kinda shock and still suspecting if those 2 people stole a brand new car with VIN listed on a nearby dealership website and faked all the paperworks even with an esign iPad Pro app to get my credit pulled.

Again, thanks Sam @EZAutoGroup!

BTW I feel I painted myself into a condom…

Haha love the humor Bo! Thanks for the great feedback! Congratulations on the car once again! Enjoy it in good health!

Sam is one hell of a broker! He worked hard for about a month just to get us a great deal on a very specific Audi A8L. At first, the price was too high for us but he brought it down to almost exactly where we wanted to be all in a very low-pressure manner. He’s very responsive to texts and calls and the whole process at the dealership took ~15 mins. Highly recommend to anyone trying to get a solid deal!!

Thanks again Sam @EZAutoGroup

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Sam brokered a 2020 SQ5 for me. He’s super easy to work with and got the price down to a comfortable place for me. Dope dude to network with as well. I’ll be keeping in touch with him for future leases and other opportunities.

He’s very responsive via text/phone!

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Thanks for the great feedback @Neel_B! Congratulations on the 2020 A8 once again! One hell of a spec! Ill drop some images below!

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