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Thanks for the feedback Marc! Congratulations on the new car!


Working with Sam was a breeze! He helped me out with a new Kia Optima S for my Fiancée. This was my first time working with someone from the Leasehackr community and the process was very streamlined and efficient. Sam even had the car delivered which added to the experience for the future Mrs. Will def be using him again and referring him to all my friends!

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Congratulations on the new car Jarred! Enjoy it in good health! Thank you for the great feedback!

I being a seasoned leasehackr (17 years) decided to get my son into a 2020 Kia Forte GT-line premium for his graduation present. He wanted black on black, so I searched throughout San Diego county and the OC but there were not any (there were white, blue and orange)I did find one in Carson and they quoted $252 a month 36 months 12k a year with zero drive off (which was the lowest deal at any color). But they would not deliver. I tried RODO but they had non premiums and their lease deal was more for basic. So I contacted EZ auto to see if they could match and deliver. Since it was the July 4th weekend I thought it would be easy. On Friday they tried to find the car all day (color combo and packages) but no luck (it seemed a lot of people were buying cars especially Fortes). Then on Saturday morning they found the car I wanted deep in LA (200 miles from my house). EZ called and reported car will be delivered as soon as I submitted paperwork. EZ had the car detailed, placed their license plat frames on it and had the dealership deliver! Not only did they find the exact car my son wanted but beat all quotes by $10 bucks a month (with zero drive offs). While I was waiting for the car, EZ called me and explained the entire process and said if there were any snags call them immediately. Then when I finished signing, they called to ensure the process was hassle free. Total customer centric professionals!
I have worked with brokers in the past but I would beat their quotes every time, but EZ was and is the best so far. I suggest u do your lease homework before you contact to really appreciate the deal they can get you.

Thanks for the awesome feedback Mark! Congratulations on the new car! Enjoy it in good health!

This review is a little late! I worked with Sam back in April to get a lease on a Kia Optima Plug in Hybrid. I was working with a local dealer and the terms they were quoting me were horrible. I tried to get them to come down and they said that was the best they could do due to COVID and they would not budge. I reached out to Legends and they got me a lease SIGNIFICANTLY lower than what I had been quoted. Seriously rock bottom price. The best part is when the dealership showed up to deliver my car to my house, IT WAS THE SAME DEALER I had been talking to prior.

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Thank you for the feedback Mel! Congratulations on your new car once again!

Easiest transaction in leasehacking history! I think the only difficult part of the whole process was getting the stubborn dealership keytag off the key ring haha Thank you again I love my Challenger Hellcat Widebody!! @EZAutoGroup I highly recommend Sam!

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I can confirm that Sam is the right person who can get you a car you’re looking for. I contacted him initially in June, but I ended up getting a car in July. Throughout the process, our conversation continued over text, and he was kind enough to answer my questions. Once he finished all the paperwork, I flew to Socal to pick up the car. When I got to the dealership, everything was already all set. I just had to sign papers and pay DAS. Within a few minutes, the key was handed to me. If I remember correctly, the entire process at the dealership only took 30 mins. This was my first time getting a car and leasing a car. Once my lease contract ends, I’m 100% willing to use @EZAutoGroup again. Thanks for your work, Sam!!

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Thank you for the great feedback Mr.Lee! Congratulations on your new car! Glad we were able to meet your needs and keep you happy!

Thank for the great feedback Juan! Congratulations on one hell of a car! Drive safe!

Working with Sam was efficient and easy. I contacted five brokers in the area but Sam was the most responsive and EZ Auto Group’s deal for 2020 Optima S was unbeatable. There was a minor hiccup with the color of the car due to the dealership’s mistake but we got an extra discount for that so it actually worked out better for us. I will definitely lease again with Sam when the current lease expires.

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Thanks for the great feedback Jay! Congratulations on the new car! Enjoy it in good health!!

Absolutely amazing! This was the first time I have ever leased and first time ever using a broker. Sam got me a fantastic deal on my 2020 kia forte gt line w/ premium interior package. Answered all my questions before hand, met me at the dealership, 15 minutes later I had my car. No bs, no useless upselling…straight business and getting good deals. I love my new car and will be going to him from now on. Now my sister will be leasing through him. Seriously thanks Sam. Go to him…you won’t be disappointed!

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Congratulations on the new car David! Enjoy it in good health! @C172Flyer

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The longer i have the car the more i love it. Couldnt be happier!

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Great experience in dealing with Sam @EZAutoGroup . Needed a car quickly for my daughter. I lease many cars a year for various family members and am very familiar with “Lease Hacking” through this great LeaseHackr platform. I usually do all my own negotiating and shopping, but due to time constraints and being busy, I decided to give Sam at EZ Auto Group a shot, after reading all the positive feedback about him. Within 48 hours of making contact with him, we had the car of my daughter’s liking – a beautiful white Kia Forte GT-line in our driveway, for a very fair price. Due to it being the last day for taking delivery under the very attractive July promotions, combined with way too many deliveries to be made, Sam was unable to deliver the car to us and we had to go and pick it up from the dealership. I clearly told Sam that we couldn’t soend more than 15-20 mins at the dealership and asked him to ensure that they respected our time limitations. Honestly, from past experiences with various dealers, I wasn’t expecting the dealership to come close to being able honor our time constraints and I had begun to mentally prep my wife and daughter for a long wait. However, what an incredibly pleasant surprise when it turned out that the dealership fleet manager who was completing the paperwork and signing of the contract got us in and out within 20 mins with absolutely no games or BS.

We are very happy with the entire process, transparency, and experience which Sam extended to us. Loving the car as well. I will definitely be giving Sam more opportunities as our car needs continue to come up.

Thanks Sam!!


Congratulations on the new car Shajee! Enjoy it in good health! It was a pleasure helping you guys! Thanks for giving me the opportunity!

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Sam has the best price in this forum and 5 Star service. I am very happy with the 2020 Q7 and I will do more business with him in near future for sure.

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Congratulations on your new car Johnson! Enjoy it in good health! @John5on2000