Extending Nissan Lease

Has anyone extended a Nissan lease recently? I just called and they told me I could only extend 1-2 months, they used to allow 6.

Prices are horrible now in Florida, so I was hoping to extend until inventory got better. Only paying 250 a month now.

Same here trying to extend my lease with Nissan they said 2 months tops

Just an FYI for anyone that was considering extending their Nissan lease. I called last week and they told me I could possibly get 1-2 months but to call a few weeks before maturity. Got a letter today saying request denied you need to return the car by the maturity date.
I have very low mileage so maybe they will let others extend, I’m assuming they want to sell mine while the used car prices are still insane.

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I have an Infiniti lease that’s up Dec. 1 and was hoping I could extend for 6 months or at least the winter. I called Infiniti Financing and they said the same 1 to 2 months as well max. The guy said you usually have to have an emergency excuse to get that. I asked what if the reason I wanted to wait was to get into the QX55 that is coming out in the spring? He said the same thing about waiting until right before the lease is up and calling in then. Didn’t really give any good answers.

The first person I spoke with asked for my mileage (after denying me months) and I told her I wasn’t sharing that information. Would they be more likely to let you extend if you have high mileage? I’m going to be about 14K miles under my limit come December. Gonna have to road trip if they won’t extend the lease!