Extend i8 Warranty or LeaseHack Sports Vehicle

Hey guys. Been a minute since I made a thread. I purchased a 2015 i8 last year in August. I’ve enjoyed it very much and put about 8k miles on it in the 8 months I’ve had it for. I purchased it for around 80k as I couldn’t lease (BMW rejected me because I didn’t have like payments at the time). My current payment is 1250 a month at which I did for 60 months.

So the warranty and maintanence package runs out next month on the 6. So I’m trying to decide if I should extend it or try to leasehack another vehicle. The numbers for the extended warranty is 12MO- 1075, 24MO-2095, 36MO-2931.

If I did lease a car I would like for it to be a sports car or something with sports package Such as Demon Challenger, SS/ZL1 Camaro or 740 with M package.

I’m located in Atlanta Georgia. What suggestions do you guys have? What would you do.


I would decide for myself.


Does the extended warranty cover everything the original warranty does, or are there a lot of exclusions? I’m a huge fan of in-warranty cars especially on BMW and Mercedes models. I’ve had one out-of-warranty BMW, and that was enough for a lifetime.

I understand. But I’m torn. I really can go anyway. So just want to weigh my options and see what people recommend.

Then we won’t have another year of fun reading his posts.

Like this:

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A lease on a new i8 coupe would be cheaper than what you’re currently paying, fwiw.

Subtext: i8 didn’t make much difference with the ladies. Let’s try again with a different car!


sell the i8 and lease a new one.

Sell the i8, lease an M3 CS, be unhappy with the M3, transfer the M3, and buy back your original i8.


Did you read my post on the other thread? Your post is similar to my situation.

@Electrifi38 I don’t believe so. Can you link me please.

@max_g I’m not getting a car for the ladies. I don’t even drive my i8 when I go out. I rather Uber then to drink and drive.

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Better yet, start DRIVING for Uber with the i8! It will pay for itself in a matter of centuries!


What is the value of the i8 right now? That’s the only piece of information that matters.

It’s probably around $40k trade-in, $45k-$50k private party.

One would hope that PrettyBoy hasn’t paid $5/mi for an i8.

you paid 80k 9 months ago? a 2015 i8 is probably worth in the 50’s now…

Sticker was about 71. After taxes and all that stuff was close to the 80k.

Right now =/ August 2018.

Define “stuff”

HE’S baaaaaaack