Exploring Interest - 2017 Tahoe LT - $594/mo - NY/NJ/PA

Hi all. I’m looking to see how much interest would be out there for assuming my lease before diving into something new.

Gray 2017 Chevy Tahoe LT 4x4 with Luxury Package, upgraded wheels and 2nd Row Bench. MSRP was $62k and it was leased in July, 2017.

The lease is through US Bank and is a 4 year lease. Payments are $594/mo. I am currently 20 months in with 24k miles on the lease (contracted to 60k miles - average of 1285 miles per month remaining). I’d look to recover half of the $2k I paid out of pocket at signing.

Just gauging any interest out there.

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Interesting that it was leased through USB so it’s available to all states.

You should post the window sticker and pics.

I don’t think you’ll recoup the $2000 you’re asking because on a lease this long, someone will need to replace the tires and most likely brakes as well.


I’m looking to recover half of the $2k, so $1k. This would bring the effective payment to $624/mo, which meets the 1% rule on a car that usually seems to struggle to get there… And on a 15k mile lease…

If there’s interest, I’ll get all of the pics posted. Thanks for the feedback!

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Woops. That was an oversight.

I think that is a good payment for this car and totally agree that these easily reach the 700s.

I’d post pics!

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IF this was an RST I would of been interested!

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If it was an RST the payment would be wayyy more.

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RST is a 2500 dollar option on these cars.

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Photos as requested…

Why would you pay 2500 bucks for some wheels and an exhaust?

It’s more than wheels and an exhaust :slight_smile:

I always wonder why people black out their license plates. Everyone sees it every day, even when you cut them off and give them the finger. Wouldn’t the IDEAL circumstance be if someone came and stole the lease you don’t want?


Yes it is, if you want the 6.2L v8 you need the premier trim which is way more, and the engine option is 2800 bucks. Add the brembo brakes and you’re looking at another 2800.

Premier and the RST package plus engine and brakes you’re looking at almost 17k more. So no, it’s not just 2500 more.

Give up brah. The RST is more than Wheels…

" * 22-inch Gloss Black aluminum wheels with Custom Silver accents

  • Unique Gloss Black sport grille
  • Black bowties and nameplate badging
  • Body-color grille surround, door handles and headlamp accents
  • Black mirror caps, beltline moldings and roof rails"
  1. Nobody mentioned 6.2 v8, this truck isn’t and you can get LT’s with RST without it.
  2. Nobody mentioned the Brembos, this truck don’t have them and you can get LT’s with RST without it.
  3. Nobody mentioned the Premier but you.

You give it up, you’re paying 2500 for rims and some trim pieces. Any worthwhile performance gains come in the 6.2 in the premier. The black bow ties come with any trim.

who is talking about performance?

The 2500 rst package on an LT makes it look objectively better than any other non RST optioned Tahoe you can buy.

I love how you know what’s the best way for other people that don’t share your opinions to order vehicles…


No one asked for your opinion on this thread.

I posted that I would be interested if it was an RST, then you came in making claims that the RST package was just wheels and an exhaust, which it isn’t, then you chimed in that people should be buying a 15k dollar more expensive model…meanwhile you’re driving a miata.

I will do $575 a month with nothing down

I’m posting this again to see if there’s any interest. Now 30 months into the 48 month lease with 30k miles (contracted to 60k miles). No longer looking to recoup the out of pocket- you pay only the US Bank transfer fee.

$594/mo, 18 months, 30k miles

This is a really solid deal - these things lease terribly