Experience with brokers like Roadster or LeaseWise

I’ve been lurking for a while, eyeballing lease deals hoping for something that’s $0 down and ~$250/month.

I’ve contacted VW and Toyota dealers by email and the negotiation typically stalls because they’re unable to match or simply don’t have the inventory. Very time consuming, so I’ve come to the realization that I don’t have the time to find the best deal - particularly because I’ll probably have to go out of state (NV) to receive the best deal.

Anyone have experience with Roadster, LeaseWise or any other such auto broker services?

I don’t have experience with either of the ones you mentioned but I have talked to a NYC based broker and they sounded shockingly like a car salesman, it all got very murky very quickly (I know what i am doing leasing), and the deals they advertise didn’t seem like they could actually make happen.

i don’t have experience but this forum is in lieu of those. that deal is pretty easy to obtain. what kind of car are you looking for with those parameters? VW Passat? Toyota Camry?

@conanohasselhof - seems like a flat fee they charge, but it’s unclear as to the deal you’ll get. I also qualify for ‘partner’ pricing through my employer at VW, so I’ll need to weigh whether that competes with the deals brokers are able to obtain. Still doing my research.

@Stark - looking at VW Golf and Toyota Prius 2. I’m unable to find anything that’s truly $0 down.

From what I have heard from folks, your best bet will be to travel out of Nevada for a deal and because Nevada dealers have a unique reputation.
The Golf is a great car and 250 a month should be doable. You’ll enjoy driving it far more than the Prius. Happy to help you look around but I am in the Chicago area-- would be a cheap flight but a far drive back for you.

i had to work with 3 VW dealers for a friend that leased an e-golf. We calculated $240/mo. with zero down. the first dealer said his best offer was $240/mo with $750 down. the second one said $500 down. the first one came back with $300 down. then we went to a 3rd dealer and told him if he gave us zero down, we would take the car. he agreed.
one salesperson was angry with us but we stood firm. he knew we were just using his numbers to keep shopping. but i never had to actually meet the guy so can’t say i care.
i know for a fact the golf is doable. and just wait until the prius prime comes out. even now, a prius 2 is a cold potato.

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@veloziraptor, all NV dealers or just VW? I’m in the market for something right now and just started doing my research. I don’t mind taking a trip to Southern California if all dealers here are going to be unwilling to play ball.

@evil0ne Just fewer dealers to pit against each other to compete for your business. If you’re in LV then it may be a bit different, but that’s my general experience in NV.

Might be worth a trip over to the Bay Area where there are more dealers/cars.