EVStock web app [now live]: nationwide search for EV inventory for different brands

Your question is actually super relevant in context of actual stock availability. This tool gets the data from manufacturer’s centralized inventory APIs. On the upside, faster searches, wider results, more consistent data. On the downside, from what I’ve seen, dealers update their own sites faster when stock is sold for example, and it usually takes some extra time for them to report it back to update centralized inventory repositories.

So in this case it’s not just that dealer needs to update their site, they also need to update their manufactures on a fact of sale. Not sure about specifics, but usually results from such centralized inventory databases do lag behind actual inventory status.


Added Polestar 2 (huh, apparently that’s an EV thing). Their API is restricted to 1 dealer inventory per search, so I’m gathering results from all dealers nationwide, but there is an individual dealer filter if you want to select one (or few) closest to you.


Your continued attention and updates are appreciated, an outstanding product!


Added BMW i3.


Just in time. Inventory is thin, but I saw last night that PenFed has $11k in purchase incentives. Hopefully the i3 super fans scoop up the remaining ones.


Is the only requirement to be a penfed member?

AFAIK yes (as long as you buy not lease). Login to your account and click on the car buying link, and BMW, it shows the purchase incentive by model.

Unfortunately it looks like the rebate is not combinable with the “monthly BMW sales programs”. So I am assuming the max rebate would be 3000 (loyalty) + 11000 (penfed) IF you can get the dealer to stack loyalty and penfed.

Otherwise it should be 3000 (loyalty) + 7500 (lease or finance cash), right?

If you purchase the tax credit would be handled separately, not included in the Pedfed or BMW incentives. Not sure about loyalty but I believe OL would stack with Penfed.

BMW of Sudbury seems to be clondike of i3’s :slight_smile: